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Deer again bothering residents of Riverside Drive area in Gainesville
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Deer are again bothering Gainesville residents in the Riverside Drive area, said Public Works Director David Dockery.

Dockery said at the Gainesville City Council meeting Tuesday evening a healthy herd of deer has lived in the area for about three years. While some residents complain about the animals eating their plants and flowers, some homeowners feed the deer and encourage them to come into their yards.

The city website has links on how to repel deer from residential areas, Dockery said.

Councilman Curtis Segars said the deer visit his home regularly. He implied the deer have overstayed their welcome.

“I want you to know that quite a few of our four-legged friends have adopted me,” he said. “They like my yard and flowers, so they visit me quite often.”

Dockery also gave an overview of the city’s street paving program. Gainesville has paved 15 street segments at a cost of $793,000, including $187,000 in state funds. Department staff hope to do an additional 13 street segments at an expense of $609,000, with $223,000 in state money, by the end of the year.

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