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Dawson luncheon to host discussion of Ga. 400 crossing
DOT to outline continuous-flow intersection plans
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Transportation is up for discussion today during a Dawson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Robert Murphy, senior project manager with the Georgia Department of Transportation, will outline plans for the Ga. 53/Ga. 400 crossing, which include converting it to a two-legged continuous-flow setup.

A first for Georgia, the at-grade crossing is designed to move left-turning vehicles out of traffic’s main flow by using a series of access roads and longer left-turn lanes.

Peter Hill, chairman of the chamber’s board of directors, said it’s crucial the community be aware of the plans at the county’s busiest intersection.

“This is such a big change, such a big shift and so different than what is there now,” he said. “It’s critical that the community has lots of opportunities to think about this and understand how it’s going to work.”

The changes also include lengthened double left-turn lanes both east and west on Ga. 53.

At an estimated cost of $13 million, the planned project would not displace any nearby businesses, DOT officials have said.

Right-of-way acquisition has begun for the project that was originally set for fiscal year 2015, which begins on July 1, 2014.

Construction could take up to a year and a half.

The chamber’s monthly business lunch is set for noon at the Lakeview Center in Dawsonville.

The cost at the door is $17 for chamber members and $18 for guests.