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Dahlonega hopes to be site of states music hall of fame
Competition is Athens, Dunwoody, Woodstock and its current home of Macon
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The city of Dahlonega is officially a contender for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Kate Maine, a spokeswoman for North Georgia College & State University, confirmed that the university and the city submitted a joint bid package to locate the hall of fame in Dahlonega.

“Because the university campus is so closely linked to downtown tourism and business opportunities, it was natural for the two entities to partner on this proposal,” Maine said.

Four other cities are competing for the museum: Athens, Dunwoody, Woodstock and its current home of Macon.

Due to a confidentiality agreement in the request for proposal, Maine could not share the details of the city’s plans.

She did say, however, that the hall of fame would be a natural fit for Dahlonega.

“We have a growing music program at the university,” Maine said. “There are many musicians who have their roots in Lumpkin County and the university or currently live there.”

The museum would also get a lot of exposure in Dahlonega.

“Dahlonega already has a really high volume of tourism traffic in the community,” Maine said. “Of course, the music hall of fame committee is looking for a community that can sustain the museum through visitor traffic and attendance.”

Macon may lose the museum due to the low number of annual visitors that has put it into financial trouble.

Maine said Dahlonega and the university would have a lot to gain if they are able to get the hall of fame.

“There are numerous ways our students, faculty and staff as well as the community could interact with the music hall of fame,” Maine said. “Music is a big part of Georgia’s history and how it has evolved through the generations. We are excited about the potential.”

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority will consider the proposals of the cities and announce its decision on April 15.

he Georgia Music Hall of Fame opened in Macon in 1996. The museum houses audio and video recordings, photographs, historical documents, vintage instruments, books, printed music and costumes.

To date, more than 120 individuals and groups have been inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

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