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County tax bills mailed out Sept. 14, payments due Nov. 15
Hall County Government Center

Hall County’s approximately 87,000 property tax statements are scheduled to be mailed out Friday.

Taxes are due Nov. 15.

For properties that changed ownership during the year, generally whoever owns a property on Jan. 1 of that year is responsible for that year’s taxes. If property changes ownership after Jan. 1, the buyer and seller should negotiate who will pay the taxes.

For properties with a property tax escrow account associated with their mortgage, the Hall County Tax Commissioner’s Office makes payment amounts available.

Taxpayers can pay online, by mail, by phone at the Tax Commissioner’s Office or at the drop box at the Hall County Government Center.

Bills may show new tax districts due to the county’s service delivery strategy agreement with its cities. Some of Hall’s cities provide services to their residents — Gainesville has its own parks system, for example — so the agreement ensures that people are only being taxed for services they are receiving from the county.

The agreement results in a shift of the millage rate from the tax rate in incorporated Hall, or cities, to the unincorporated tax rate.

How to pay property taxes


By mail: P.O. Box 1579, Gainesville, GA 30503

Over the phone: 770-531-6950

In person: Hall County Government Center, 2875 Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville at the Tax Commissioner’s Office or the drop box outside the building