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Cops collect change at Dunkin' Donuts for Georgia Special Olympics
Police department, sheriff's office and juvenile justice department collect $1,000 countywide
Dunkin' Donuts employee Adela Mojica, center, gets help behind the counter from Gainesville Police Department's Jessica Van and Scott Cagle of the Department of Juvenile Justice as the two assist the restaurant Friday morning to raise money for Special Olympics.

Dunkin’ Donuts customers chucked spare coins or change from the morning coffee pickup into a bucket Friday, donating more than $1,000 countywide to law enforcement officers supporting the Georgia Special Olympics.

Police departments from Oakwood and Gainesville joined the Hall County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Juvenile Justice in collecting money Friday morning at the doughnut shop locations in Gainesville and Oakwood.

Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said the total haul was $1,747.

“It makes your heart happy,” Gainesville Police Cpl. Jessica Van said.

With roughly $25 in her cap, Van and other officers walked around the shop and at times helped behind the counter.

“We didn’t want to clutter it, so instead we’ve been on the property inside interacting with customers,” Van said, adding a full staff was present for National Donut Day.

After the pickup window, Griggs Wall from Gainesville Police and Latera Davis from the Department of Juvenile Justice collected money from a steady flow of customers.

“I can say this is definitely pulling in a lot more than some of the others,” Davis said comparing fundraising efforts.

The money will go toward supporting athletes at the Georgia Special Olympics.

For more information about the state’s Special Olympics or to donate money, visit