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Continuous flow intersection set to open Monday night in Dawson County
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Dawson County motorists will see a big change in traffic flow at one of the area’s busiest intersections, starting Monday night.

The Georgia Department of Transportation plans to convert Ga. 400 at Ga. 53 from a traditional signalized intersection to what will be Georgia’s first “continuous flow intersection.

The changeover is set for 10 p.m.

Basically, drivers will be able to make left turns before the two roads cross, with separate lanes carrying them out of straight-through traffic. Staying in the designated lanes, which will be signalized, they’ll be able to complete left turns.

Drivers would turn right from Ga. 53 onto Ga. 400 much as they would enter an interstate, merging with traffic as they complete the turn.

“We are doing the traffic shift at a non-peak time for safety,” district engineer Brent Cook said in a press release. “This will allow Georgia DOT staff and contractors to be in the lanes removing barrels and checking on the aspects of the intersection with minimal traffic impacts.”

Drivers will still see barrels and cones around work zone areas near the intersection, but those are expected to be cleared by the middle of June 2017.  

The “innovated design is a great cost saver,” the press release states. “The capacity of this type of intersection rivals a full interstate-style interchange. This also leaves a smaller impact to the area, as there are no ramps or overpasses constructed.”

Overpasses were being considered but were ruled out due to cost and disruption of traffic, as the work was estimated to cost $150 million or more.

The DOT unveiled the official plan for the intersection early in 2010, and it was projected to cost about $14 million.

Even so, DOT officials said in last week’s press release, public meetings “revealed that an interchange was not a favored option by the community.”

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