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Newsmakers in business: Attorneys honored at Law Day event
The Gainesville-Northeastern Bar Association recently held its Law Day Event, where multiple awards were handed out. Pictured from left are: Steve Gilliam; Kenyon Award winner John Smith; Liberty Bell Award winner Joe Amerling; Judge Elizabeth Branch; Leadership Award winner Kassandra Lawson; Bar President David Dickerson.

The Gainesville-Northeastern Bar Association recently held its Law Day event, where a few local lawyers, along with other individuals who serve the profession, were recognized for their service to the local Bar.

Judge Elizabeth Branch from the Georgia Court of Appeals was the keynote speaker and spoke on the topic of the 14th Amendment.

John Smith, from Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles, received the Judge A.R. Kenyon Award, which is given to a local lawyer whose career has exemplified professionalism, integrity, excellence in the profession and dedication to the public good.

Joe Amerling, a retired officer from the Gainesville Police Department, received the Liberty Bell Award, which is given to a nonlawyer in the community who has promoted the profession by encouraging respect for the law and courts and by contributing to the effective functioning of the courts.

Kassandra “Kas” Lawson, staff attorney for Hall County State Court, received the Leadership Award, which is given to a young lawyer for extraordinary service to the local Bar and profession as a whole.