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COMING SUNDAY: Find out what happens when you call 911
A three-day series looking at how fast emergency personnel respond to your call for help
It's an emergency. Frantically, you dial 911. The operator answers, takes your information, and notifies the appropriate responders.

Now what happens?

Gainesville and Hall County residents can expect police, fire or medical officers to be on the scene within minutes, depending on where they live and the nature of the call. The process of quick response includes a number of different officials, agencies and procedures all designed to ensure that emergencies are handled properly and rapidly.

Beginning Sunday, The Times begins a three-day series on the county's first responders. On Sunday, we'll examine fire coverage zones and how they affect your insurance rates, with a look at what does occur once you place an emergency call.

Monday, we report on medical response and the need for statewide trauma care. And Tuesday, we look at the challenges faced by police and sheriff's deputies as they serve the needs of a growing county.

Online, we'll provide a full multimedia report, including video tours of the 911 center and a medevac helicopter plus audio interviews and a slideshow.

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