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Cold, wet weather rolling in
Chilly drizzle forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday
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See that shining sun today? Cherish it.

You might not see it again for a few days.

After today, the work week’s weather devolves into a dreary, sometimes rainy and certainly chilly pattern — maybe the chilliest of the season so far.

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service predict rain will move into the area Tuesday, giving Gainesville as much as a 50 percent chance of experiencing thunderstorms and showers.

The rain is expected to last through Wednesday and bring with it some sweater-inspiring temperatures.

Wednesday’s temperature isn’t supposed to climb above 60 degrees and could dip as low as 43 degrees after nightfall, according to the weather service’s website.

Sinking its way down south is a “nice, big” low pressure system that on Sunday hovered over the Great Lakes, said Mike Leary, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Peachtree City.

It is expected to reach Northeast Georgia by Tuesday morning.

With it is a horizontal band of rain — about 200 miles wide — that stretched from New York to Nebraska Sunday, Leary said.

It likely means about a half an inch of rain in isolated areas across Northeast Georgia — no drought-busting deluge.

“It’s a fairly narrow band...” Leary said. “It’s going to dry as it comes down South. It’s not going to be a big rain producer, it doesn’t look like.”

And though the rain may be gone by Thursday — right now, the forecast calls for sun and mostly clear skies — temperatures may not rebound until early next week, dipping slightly lower than they did earlier this month, when on Oct. 2 the high in Gainesville was recorded at 63 degrees.

Forecasted temperatures for Thursday to Sunday range from 61 to 66 degrees with lows in the mid 40s.

A 30-year average low for October in Gainesville is 50 degrees.

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