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Clermont temporarily bans subdivision applications, rezonings
Town looking to study costs of growth
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Clermont is banning any new subdivisions for three months while the North Hall town tweaks its ordinance governing their development.

The Town Council passed a resolution Tuesday night temporarily banning new subdivision applications or rezoning requests where a developer seeks to build a subdivision.

The mostly rural town “desires to study the effects of growth and subdivision as to the cost of town services,” the resolution states.

Clermont “is concerned that the cost of providing services to a typical subdivision is greater than the revenues received by the town.”

The 90 days is needed so the town can “develop appropriate land use maps and regulations for the town regarding development,” the resolution states.

“Will we issue permits on existing subdivisions?” Councilwoman Margaret Merritt asked.

“Right,” Mayor James Nix said. “This is just for a new subdivision that wants to come in.”

With the council’s approval of the measure, the mayor said, “Now, we’ve got work to do” in studying the current ordinance.

The town has a few subdivisions, but that growth has slowed in recent years — much like other communities after the Great Recession. Residential development is starting to ramp up in other areas of Hall County.

Potential subdivision ordinance updates came up as Clermont has worked to update its long-range comprehensive plan, Nix said after the meeting.

“In case there’s going to be some open land,” he said.

The town has been working this year on the plan with the Gainesville-based Georgia Mountains Regional Commission.

“We’ve been through public hearings on it and (otherwise) met several times here on it,” Nix said. “Our aim was to get through with (the process) this fall.”

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