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Charges dismissed against Oakwood city clerk, but not before she loses job
Tangee Puckett.jpg
Tangee Puckett

Less than three weeks after her arrest, the misdemeanor charges against the Oakwood city clerk were dismissed.

The dismissal came Wednesday, Sept. 11, after a hearing before a Magistrate Court judge.

The case concerned Tangee Puckett, who was charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act and obstruction.

Defense attorney Graham McKinnon said the judge watched body camera footage of the incident and eventually ruled there was a lack of probable cause for the arrest.

McKinnon also said they objected to the idea that Puckett tried to resist arrest.

“The fact of the matter was she was just trying to turn around and tell her kids to go inside, because the officer was going to arrest her. She didn’t want it to happen in front of the kids,” McKinnon said.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the domestic call around 10:10 p.m. Aug. 22 on East Bolding Road. 

Oakwood City Manager Stan Brown said Puckett was terminated and that “the status of her charges does not affect our decision.”

“I am happy the truth has come out and my name has been cleared, if that is even possible at this point,” Puckett said in a statement.

McKinnon claimed there was a handful of witnesses who saw Puckett was not causing the problem that night.

“Swift justice is small consolation for being manhandled, arrested and jailed for crimes you did not commit. In the short time between her arrest and this dismissal, Tangee lost her reputation and her job. It’s likely a complaint will be lodged with Sheriff Couch, and I anticipate his office will use this incident as a training opportunity,” McKinnon said in a statement.

The Sheriff’s Office issued a short statement when contacted by The Times regarding the dismissal.

“The criminal justice system rightfully includes a day in court for those charged with crimes, and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office respects the outcomes, including this one.  The Sheriff’s Office often evaluates its response to calls for service and looks forward to reviewing this case,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth wrote in an email.

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