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Canada gosling injured by fishing line on mend
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Gainesville veterinarian Denise Funk on Thursday holds the young Canada gosling that almost lost its right leg when it became entangled in fishing line. Its leg is still swollen, and full recovery isn’t certain, Funk said. - photo by NAT GURLEY

Fishing line was wrapped around a Canada gosling’s leg, digging close to the bone when the bird was brought to Denise Funk’s veterinarian office.

The goose was brought into the office April 27 by a Buford resident who found it wounded in a small pond.

Without treatment, the wound could have become infected and the gosling likely would have died, being attacked by another animal in its weak condition.

Funk was able to remove the fishing line, and the goose is now on antibiotics and receiving laser therapy to help heal the wound. It’s also receiving therapy that allows it to practice swimming.

Funk’s office is the only one licensed to treat wildlife in Northeast Georgia. And she said she sees her share of injured animals, many injuries caused by things people leave behind.

“I see a lot of fishing line and tackle,” Funk said. “The animals can swallow the hooks that are left with the lures still on them.”

She recently lost a turtle that had swallowed a hook that caused an infection

“Be careful with your fishing line and your trash, especially around the lake, because that’s where the wildlife is,” Funk said.

If you see an animal that is struggling or wounded, it is important to call either animal control or the Department of Natural Resources because they are trained to capture the animals, she added.

After the gosling has healed it will be released to a licensed rehabilitator. It will have to live in a residential pond or somewhere else protected since it has spent so much time with humans, Funk said.

“We hope he will regain full function and we’ll keep him around until he can walk,” she said. “This one was lucky.”