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25 Goodwill of North Georgia donations centers have temporarily closed. Here’s why
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Goodwill of North Georgia stopped accepting donations in mid-April 2020 because of an overwhelming influx of items. Twenty-five locations in North Georgia have temporarily closed for donations again and will reopen in a month or two. - photo by Scott Rogers

Goodwill of North Georgia has temporarily closed 25 of its donation centers, including the location off Shallowford Road in Gainesville. 

Tenee Hawkins, the organization’s director of public relations, said these centers should reopen in one to two months, while Goodwill stores will remain open. The decision is two-fold, she explained. 

“One, we need to process and sell through what we consider a large amount of donations. Donations have been high, and we’re grateful,” Hawkins said. “Two, we want to prepare for a busy year-end and holiday season. We’re processing things and getting them out on the floor.” 

In April, Goodwill of North Georgia stopped accepting donations because of an overflow of items. They began taking them again in May

When Goodwill started receiving donations again, Hawkins said another influx of inventory poured into donation centers.  

“As people have been spending more time at home and with spring cleaning, we’ve been seeing large numbers,” she said. “Between the holiday and fall seasonal shopping, we know we need to prepare to process these donations for sales in our stores. We also want to make sure we make room for all of the year-end donations coming in.” 

Despite the pause on donation centers, Hawkins assures people that those locations' Goodwill staff will keep their jobs and help at open nearby stores. 

While the 25 facilities are temporarily closed, people can still make donations at any of the 67 stores in North Georgia. For those in Hall County, the Goodwill Thrift Store at 3715 Mundy Mill in Oakwood is open and accepting people’s clothing and other treasures.  

“If people visit a closed donation center, please don’t leave your donation there,” Hawkins said. “Take it to your nearest store. We’re not discouraging donations.” 

For a full list of temporarily closed Goodwill donation centers and open thrift stores, visit