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Brenau library getting a makeover
Leaky roof leads to changes
Marlene Giguere, dean of library services at Brenau University, talks about possible changes and improvements at the library. - photo by Tom Reed

Brenau library book sale
When: 2 to 7 p.m. today and Wednesday
Where: Brenau Trustee Library, 500 Washington St., Gainesville

The library at Brenau University is going to be seeing some changes later this spring.

Since taking over as dean of library services in 2005, Marlene Giguere has made it her mission to update the library.

She's teamed up with interior design students, painted walls and decorated with artwork.

The library isn't just updated in terms of a redesigned lobby area but it now boasts an extensive online book collection.

"It's easier to manage an e-book collection in many ways, because we don't have storage issues like you have working with print volumes," Giguere said.

And an online book can easily be replaced by an updated book.

The library has pulled many of the outdated books from its shelves in order to stock its first book sale in recent years to help fund beautification of the library.

"There are lots of things we'd like to do around here. We'd like to make our carrels that the students study in a little bit more attractive. We've talked about getting new lamps for our tables. The idea is just to make the library a better place to come," said Lisa Echols, collection development librarian.

In August a damaged roof caused a serious leak that put 35,000 books

"We had a massive flood in the back of the library. But the amazing thing is in an area with about 35,000 books only about 500 were lost," Echols said.

The roof had to be rebuilt and was completed last Friday.
Giguere said the silver lining to the flood was an opportunity to turn that area of the library into a space for quiet study.

Giguere said she's got a few ideas for the space.

"This is just kind of a vision in my mind right now, but we're hoping to have some tables and chairs looking out at the greenery there where people can work quietly so we're going to disengage the library," Giguere said, pointing to the back windows.

Giguere said the view through the windows will likely be improved with some landscaping.

Different students need different areas in which to study, Giguere said.