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Braselton marks 100 years: Saving the past with an eye on future
The Creston Maxey Band performs for crowds at the town of Braselton 100th Birthday celebration held Saturday on the Braselton town green. - photo by Alexander Popp

Braselton celebrated a historic milestone Saturday: its 100th birthday.

Locals and members of the community commemorated the city’s century long history, with a full day of festivities in the sun: food trucks, live music, a giant birthday cake and fireworks.

The town of Braselton was first incorporated on Aug. 21, 1916, and the Braselton family has remained in the town ever since.

The occasion also marked the first festival to be held on the new city green space that was recently completed off of Davis Street downtown.

The green space is just one example of many improvement projects that have been done in the town over its long history. But City Manager Jennifer Dees said the best is yet to come. She says that the green space is only one part of the downtown Braselton revitalization mission that was created more than 12 years ago by locals and town officials.

”Today we are cutting the ribbon on phase one of the town green,” Dees said. “Phase 2 will begin next week and will be in November, and we will still finish their 20-year plan in less than 13 years. Which is pretty incredible, considering we had to move a state highway to do it.”

Braselton Mayor Bill Orr said that what makes the city so special is that it mixes the modern with the historic, and feels like a small town.

“To me the title ‘town’ means that people say ‘hi’ to each other on the street,” Orr said.

Orr explained that over the years he has worked to preserve that small-town feeling, protecting historic buildings and landmarks.

“Over the years people have wanted to tear down the old building, but I always ask ‘why not incorporate them?’” he said.

When asked what he thinks will survive in another century when the town celebrates its 200th birthday, Orr responded that he hopes future generations of residents will make the same choice of preservation.

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