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Braselton maps out plans for water, sewer and Web
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BRASELTON — The Braselton Town Council chose five out of 13 proposed objectives to actively pursue in the next 12 to 18 months, including enhancing the town’s economic development.

The goals were selected at the town’s annual planning retreat held recently. Sponsored by the Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center, the event was held in the Braselton Planning and Public Utilities Building. Council members, the town manager and two representatives from the Regional Development Center attended the retreat.

Enhancing economic development will involve "expanding water and sewer lines, creating a developer guidebook to facilitate permitting (and) participating with the chambers and the four counties on joint planning," said Town Manager Jennifer Dees.

The council also plans to create a link on its Web site where updates on Braselton’s progress in preparing its 20-year comprehensive plan will be posted.

In addition, the council decided to create a downtown development authority to help make decisions concerning Braselton’s downtown area.

Dees said the plan will be to train members and start meetings by the end of the 12-to-18 month period.

Braselton also wants to work with Jackson County to complete an Appalachian Regional Commission application to work on a road project involving Chardonnay Trace, located off Ga. 53.

Finally, residents may get the chance to study the intricate workings of Braselton’s government. The town plans to offer a program, 101 Citizens Classes, which will allow citizens to learn how a government body works.

Dees said people who sign up for the program will take four to six nights of classes in which they will explore what a government body does and how it does it through various interactive activities.

"They learn about the government (and) about the employees," she said.

While none of the goals take precedence over each other, Dees said the retreat is held in February due to the town’s fiscal year.

"Some (goals) require funding and the reason we do the retreat now is because our budget starts July 1," she said. This allows projects needing funding to be included in next year’s budget.

The council also reviewed goals made and accomplished in 2008, and Dees said all of these objectives were accomplished. They included: Getting a resolution approved by Jackson County concerning Braselton’s tax allocation district, beginning construction on the Ga. 53/Ga. 124 realignment project and adopting an overlay corridor ordinance for Ga. 53 and Ga. 124.