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Man given five years behind bars in child cruelty case involving 3-month-old
Gregorio Lucas, Diego.JPG
Diego Gregorio Lucas

A 21-year-old man was given five years in confinement in a child cruelty case involving a 3-month-old boy, who suffered abusive head trauma, hemorrhaging and rib fractures, according to court documents.

Diego Gregorio Lucas pleaded guilty last month on aggravated battery and first-degree child cruelty, with two second-degree child cruelty charges merged.for sentencing.

He was given 10 years with the first half in confinement. He will receive credit for time served since his arrest earlier this year, and the rest may be served on probation.

Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said on or around Dec. 24 Lucas did “maliciously cause bodily harm to (the) child by seriously disfiguring said child by striking the child on our about the head and/or dropping the child on its head, causing severe damage to the child” in the 700 block of Parkway Drive.

Holbrook said the child suffered hemorrhaging to the brain and broken ribs.

The boy was first taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center before being flown to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

“Doctors notified us of the severe injuries,” Holbrook previously told The Times.

According to the indictment, Lucas was accused of rendering the boy’s eyes useless after inflicting “abusive head trauma, causing retinal hemorrhage, subdural hemorrhage” and other injuries.

In the special terms of probation, the probation “will be suspended upon his deportation from the United States so long as he does not return illegally.”

Defense attorney Alex McQueen did not return multiple requests for comment.

In immigration cases, a defendant may serve their time before being put into the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s custody and deported. In other cases, a judge can suspend the sentence, which normally means the person is deported and will not serve the sentence unless the defendant comes back to the country.

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