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Gainesville father, son accused of buying guns and transporting them to Mexico
Othon Marban Sr.
Othon Marban Sr.

Two Gainesville men are accused of buying more than two dozen firearms and then trying to transport the guns to people in Mexico, according to court documents.

Othon Marban Sr., 56, and his son, Othon Marban Jr., 20, were indicted Dec. 20 in U.S. District Court.

According to the indictment, the Marbans are accused of buying firearms from federally licensed firearms dealers. They then allegedly “transported and attempted to transport the firearms to persons in Mexico unknown to the grand jury,” according to the indictment.

The indictment alleges the Marbans bought 28 firearms between May and November from Outdoor Depot, Georgia Gun Store, Academy Sports, Foxhole Gun and Archery and Dawsonville Gun and Pawn.

Othon Marban Jr.
Othon Marban Jr.

No one in management was available from Outdoor Depot or Dawsonville Gun and Pawn when reached by The Times, Dec. 28. The Times sent an email to ownership after calling Georgia Gun Store, and no representatives answered the phone at Academy Sports.

Foxhole’s owner Jon Lipscomb did not recall the specifics of the transaction earlier this year, but said everything came back clear after doing the FBI background check.

Lipscomb said he was approached by local and federal law enforcement weeks ago regarding the case. 

The Marbans made three trips to Mexico during the time span and attempted a fourth trip Dec. 3. The indictment does not make it clear how the Marbans were apprehended.

The Times reached out to the district court’s spokesman for further information on how the Marbans were apprehended.

Around the time of the last attempted trip to Mexico, the Marbans had 39 firearms in their possession, which included shotguns, rifles, pistols and a revolver, according to the indictment.

The Marbans were also accused of making “false and fictitious written statement(s)” to some of the dealers, according to the indictment.

Both men were released earlier this month on separate $10,000 bonds.

Defense attorneys Kimberly Sharkey and Mark Jeffrey did not immediately return requests for comment Tuesday, Dec. 28.