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Badge and Bar: Man struck woman in the face with her iPhone, causing cut to her eye

A Gainesville man who was told not to contact a woman entered her home and struck her in the face with her iPhone, according to authorities.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Scott Ware said a conditional bond was created to prevent the man from having any contact with the woman after he allegedly pushed her against a wall on Oct. 7 in Chicopee Village.

But on Feb. 7, the man “unlawfully entered the victim’s house after following her and repeatedly phoning her, all contrary to the bond order,” Ware wrote.

“(The man) struck the victim in the face with her iPhone, which resulted in a cut to her eye requiring stitches and damage to the iPhone,” Ware wrote.

Warrants were obtained for aggravated battery, aggravated stalking and criminal trespass, and authorities arrested the man in Dallas March 5.

He was booked into the Hall County Jail Thursday, March 14.

Police: Woman who paid more than $1,000 to order pet online files fraud report

Gainesville Police said a woman paid more than $1,000 to order a dog online before she requested a refund and filed a fraud report.

The report was taken Monday, March 11.

“Based on the information provided in the report, the victim did not have additional money to fund more fees to ship the dog,” Cpl. Jessica Van wrote in an email.

Van said the woman then “cancelled the transaction and immediately wanted a refund.”

The report supplemented a report to her bank.

Police: Man arrested after not paying for $11 taxi ride

A 73-year-old man was arrested Tuesday, March 12 at El Taco Veloz after he allegedly did not pay for an $11 taxi fare, police said.

Cpl. Jessica Van said the man used the taxi and did not pay the $11 fare.

According to the report, the man was arrested at the Jesse Jewell Parkway restaurant on charges of theft of services, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.