Authorities diverting southbound I-985 traffic due to fuel spill
Authorities are diverting southbound traffic at the Spout Springs Road exit on Interstate 985 after roughly 150 gallons of diesel fuel spilled on the highway.
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Baby meets firefighters who delivered her
Susana Fees introduces her new baby, Elena, to Hall County firefighters Wednesday morning at Station No. 5. The crew helped deliver the girl in April. From right, they are husband Sebastian Fees, Daryl Rogers, Lee Elliot, Susana Fees and Dan Moore.

Elena Fees clinched her tiny fists and looked up into one of the first faces she ever saw.

Elena, who is 19 days old, took a trip Wednesday to Hall County Fire Station No. 5 to meet the men who helped bring her into the world.

On April 21, Susana and Sebastian Fees thought they had plenty of time to get to the hospital for the birth of their first child.

With her contractions about 15 minutes apart, Susana Fees decided to take a shower and try to relax before the long drive to the hospital.

“My husband thought maybe it was time to go to the hospital, but I was not feeling too bad. It was not too painful,” Susana Fees said.

But after about an hour in the shower she began feeling a lot of pressure and the need to push.

Sebastian Fees called 911 and the voice on the other end of the line told him to push the baby back. With one hand holding his daughter’s head and the other holding the phone he asked the operator when help would arrive.

“He was not telling me any time so I told my wife seven minutes. But two minutes later they were already here,” Sebastian Fees said.

Firefighter Daryl Rogers was one of the first people to arrive. He and his partner ran up to the Tree Park Apartment building where the Feeses live.

Rogers said they knew immediately that they weren’t going to make it down to the ambulance and were going to have to deliver the baby in the apartment.

“She held my hand the entire time — she about broke it — but I helped after the baby was born,” Rogers said. “I helped clean her up and set the baby on her chest to help calm baby and mom down, and then after that we put her in the ambulance.”

Susana Fees said she originally thought her husband was going to have to deliver the baby because she didn’t think anyone would get to her in time.

“I can’t really remember, but I was thinking it was like they were downstairs because they were so fast,” Susana Fees said.

The couple moved to Flowery Branch from Mexico in January, when Susana Fees was six months pregnant.

Sebastian, originally from Germany, works as a production manager for the German manufacturing company Elringklinger and was transferred from Mexico to the Buford location.

“Let’s simulate how this would have happened in Mexico. I make call and they were coming in two hours. So it was really lucky to be here in the United States. It was really fast, unbelievably fast,” Sebastian Fees said.

But the firefighters and emergency medical technicians who came to the Feeses’ aid said it was all in a day’s work.

Firefighter Dan Moore had some experience with delivering babies since he’d delivered his own son but had never been on a call like this before.

“There was a little bit of tension, but I mean it’s a natural thing that’s been going on for hundreds of years,” Moore said. “It’s a natural occurrence. It was (a) just-another-day type thing.”

The Feeses said they are grateful for the firefighters.

“I have seen that in the movies and on the TV and I never thought I would use this service on my own” Susana Fees said, smiling down at her daughter. “It was a really nice experience because everything was OK and healthy and it was really fast. I’m so happy.”

Sebastian Fees joked that they’ll be calling the firefighters again in another two or three years when they’re ready to have another child.


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