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ASK THE TIMES: NE Georgia Diagnostic clinic ‘looking for a solution’ for parking issues
09082017 ASKdiagnostic.JPG
Bill Beyer, Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic CEO, said the clinic is aware that parking is an issue and the business is looking for a solution. - photo by Clark Leonard

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Is Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic planning to do anything to alleviate problems with parking? It is planning to add parking?

“We are aware that parking is an issue, moreso on a Tuesday than any other day,” said Bill Beyer, Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic CEO. “We’re looking for a solution.”

Multiple other medical offices use the same parking lot as the clinic.

His advice, for now, for those looking for an easier time parking: “Try not to book on a Tuesday.”

09082017 ASKjessejewell
Hall County currently has no plans to widen Jesse Jewell Parkway. - photo by Clark Leonard

Are there any plans to widen Atlanta Highway or Jesse Jewell Parkway?

Hall County Planning Director Srikanth Yamala said “we do not have either of the roads slated to be widened at this time.”

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