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Ask The Times: Records sketchy on racetrack at Gainesville airport
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Does anyone remember the sports car races held on the airport grounds in Gainesville in the ’60s? Enochee (old Indian word meaning sports car races was the hook) or something like that.

Terry Palmer, Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport manager, said he has only heard rumors of racing at the airport.

“I haven’t seen anything in our records that show that if it indeed occurred that it was an officially sanctioned event,” Palmer said. There are no physical remnants of a track.

“It is quite possible that if it did occur that no records were made or kept regarding the racing,” Palmer added. “Today the FAA is very much opposed to non-aeronautical uses of aeronautical property.”

A website devoted to racing history in Georgia,, notes that a track operated at the airport in the late 1950s and the airport hosted the races for the Sports Car Club of America, which is still in existence today.

Users on shared tales of a track called Enoche, naming specific winners of races in the late 1950s.

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