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Ask The Times: Commission minutes can be written 3 different ways
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Official minutes are maintained for Hall County Board of Commissioners meetings. What is the process for transforming video/audio recordings and/or handwritten notes into official minutes? How do the official minutes get approval to be placed on the consent agenda?

Official meeting minutes can be written up in three different ways, according to commission clerk Melissa McCain:

The entire meeting can be transcribed verbatim from a recording.

A summary of the meeting — including discussion, highlighting important comments and the vote — can be written.

Each proposal and motion made and the action taken by the commission can be listed in a process called “action only.”

The action-only method is all that is required under state law and does not include any notes on discussion unless it happens within a vote.

Hall County does summary minutes, with the clerk taking notes during the meeting and then preparing the official minutes, which must be completed within two days of the meeting, according to state law.

The county also does audio recordings of work session meetings and video recordings of voting sessions.

According to state law, minutes are to be considered at the next meeting. Because of that requirement, they are automatically added to the consent agenda.

An update on Lynncliff Drive.

A question was recently posed to Hall County and the Department of Transportation about the correct spelling of Lynncliff Drive, which on DOT signs is referred to as both Lynncliff Road and Lynnclif Drive. Hall County confirmed at the time that it is Lynncliff Drive.

District spokeswoman Teri Pope said this week that the DOT also confirmed the spelling with Hall and new signs have been ordered, which will take six to eight weeks to arrive.

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