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100 jobs coming to Banks County thanks to German manufacturer

In Banks County, 100 manufacturing jobs are on the way.

Yet another European manufacturer is opening a plant in Georgia in 2018: Selit North America is building a manufacturing plant northeast of Hall County, the governor’s office announced on Monday, Aug. 20.

Manufacturing and administrative jobs will be created with the plant, which will produce foam used in flooring, according to the announcement.

Selit North America is a family-owned company and already has a distribution plant in the Atlanta area and a production facility in Pennsylvania.

“We are looking forward to being located even closer to our longstanding customers in the South,” said Marco Seitner, a Selit North America shareholder, in the announcement.

The $45 million plant is the latest European project in the Peach State — the state estimates more than 22,000 Georgians work for German companies in 556 facilities, and investment in the state from all over Europe created more than 27,000 jobs in 2018 alone in Georgia.

Selit North America was created in 2010 and caters to both do-it-yourself builders and flooring manufacturers. The polystyrene foam produced in the facility is used as insulation for floating flooring.

“The strong cultural fit between the Georgian ‘way of doing business’ and our family company with German roots makes us the perfect match,” said Rouven Seitner, another Selit shareholder.

It’s been a banner year for the global commerce division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, which has overseen $5.56 billion in investment in the state in 2018. The governor’s office published figures from the division’s 2018 haul earlier this year:

  • 419 projects generated $5.56 billion in investments and created 27,373 jobs.

  • Nearly 80 percent of projects were located outside of metro Atlanta counties, resulting in the creation of 14,447 jobs and $4.6 billion in investments.

  • Businesses already located in Georgia created 13,864 jobs and generated $2.84 billion in investments.

  • Companies new to the state created 13,499 jobs and generated $2.72 billion in investments.

  • There was job growth of 153 percent in the software and technology sectors and 83 percent for data centers.

  • 89 international projects created more than 6,800 jobs and generated more than $1.9 billion in investments.

  • European companies included 49 locations, created 3,831 jobs and generated $837 million in investments. Companies from the United Kingdom, France and Germany led European companies in job creation.

  • Companies based in Asian countries included 24 locations, created 1,822 jobs and generated $489 million in investments. Korean and Japanese companies provided the largest investments among Asian companies.

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