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Tricks with treats
Dont be scared of a little sugar! Sweets bring out the inner goblin in everyone.
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Green filling makes Goblin Pies look gross but taste sweet. - photo by LARRY CROWE
Too much sugar can be scary: We ask a nutrionist about how much candy kids should eat in one day

Gooey chocolates, orange and black suckers and sticky taffy are mainstays for Halloween trick-or-treating.

But there are so many spooky and yummy treats you can create in your own kitchen for your neighborhood ghouls and goblins.

From cupcakes to marshmallow treats and cookies - there is plenty of sugary goodness to go around.

Rebecca Clanton, owner of Sweet Magnolia Cafe & Bakery, said the more you get into the Halloween spirit, the more the kids will love it.

"The more creative you are, the more they seem to like it," she said.

At her eatery on the downtown Gainesville square they are gearing up for Halloween with lots of cupcakes.

"We do a lot of Halloween cupcakes, and this year we are also doing some other cute things," Clanton said. "Like we are taking pretzel rods, like the long stick pretzels, and dipping those in a green candy coating and then taking black licorice and making a finger nail that we call Frankenstein Fingers. A lot of people are calling in for stuff (that's) kind of creative."

Clanton added that chocolate is the No. 1 cupcake flavor for the spooky holiday.

"We are doing everything from spider web cupcakes," she said. "Then we have these little gummy figurines made out of the stuff gummy bears are made out of, shaped in witches, ghosts and pumpkins - there's a Frankenstein one."

You could go crazy with ghoulish goodies or stay pretty traditional with a pumpkin pie, like Dee Klein.

Klein, who is a resident at Lanier Village Estates, said each year she makes a traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie for her husband and herself.

Whatever the Halloween treat, have fun creating something to die for.

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