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Too much sugar can be scary
A local nutritionist answers our questions about Halloween candy
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In about a week, parents will be wondering what to do with all the candy their children bring into their homes after Halloween trick-or-treating.

These days, kids come home with bags and bags of sugary treats. But how much is too much candy for our little ones?

We spoke with Sharon McLeod, a registered and licensed dietician at District 2 Public Health, on how much Halloween candy is too much.

Question: How much candy should kids eat in one day?

Answer: "Now this is coming from a dietician and a mother - none. I'm just kidding. You know, to be honest with you I don't know ... limited amount. I would say a couple of pieces, I'm going to be stingy."

Q: What is the best way to ration the candy?

A: "I would keep it put up out of the kids' sight and reach and then that way you can distribute it as need be. I have a 7-year-old and we keep it put up when we do have it ... a couple pieces here and there."

Q: Should you throw the Halloween candy out after a couple days?

A: "There's usually an expiration date on them. From a professional standpoint, I would definitely within a couple weeks; three weeks, I probably would."

Q: How do you know where to find the expiration date on the candy?

A: "There actually should be one on the - if it's candy that you have actually purchased - there should be an expiration date on the big package. But then a lot of times, if they are individually wrapped pieces, there should be an expiration date on the package."

Q: What is the worst type of candy for children?

A: "The super sticky, gooey stuff that sticks to your teeth. Like your Laffy Taffy, Bit-O-Honeys, I don't know what they are called; they are wrapped in orange and black wrappers. Then lots of your sticky, chocolatey stuff that sits on the teeth."

Q: Do kids really get a sugar rush?

A: "I would say, yes they do. Scientifically, I don't know the answer to that, but professionally I would say yes."

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