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This is where you can see Brenau student’s work on display at a prestigious museum
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Jennifer Benitez, left, and Jordyn De La Rosa are just two of the many students at Brenau University, who have work displayed in an exhibits at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. - photo by Austin Steele

Brenau University students are standing out in the world of art and creativity as their works are on display for a month at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Since 2014, students have been submitting works from the year — garments, photography, paintings, drawings and sculptures — to be judged and selected for the student exhibition.

The 86 works created by a total of 31 students will be on display through Sunday, Feb. 10, in the Greene Family Education Center on the lower level of the Stent Wing at the museum.

“Seeing on paper that you’ve had your work at the High Museum multiple times looks pretty good to future employers,” said Jennifer Benitez, a senior studio art student at Brenau. “And just being a student and having the pride to say my work was at the High. So yeah, it’s pretty good.”

Benitez has a few different works in the exhibit. She said she’s a “really big fan of animals,” so a couple of her pieces are animal-related. One of them is an acrylic painting on canvas of a goose. Not a Canada goose you typically see around the lake in Gainesville, but a simple white goose with an orange bill.

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Jennifer Benitez - photo by Austin Steele
Brenau University student exhibition

Where: High Museum of Art, 1280 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta

When: On display through Sunday, Feb. 10

More info: Online

“Later on in life, at some point, I would love to become an ornithologist and just study birds,” Benitez said. “So geese and everything, I don’t know why I’ve been stuck on them. Probably because this time of year they're not around and I miss geese.”

The painting is named “Perry.”

She also submitted a piece called “Nunsense.” It’s an oil pastel painting of animals, walking through the woods, away from a church while wearing religious habits.

“The animals I wanted to use are basically animals that are representative of peace, because you think of nuns and you think pure, holy,” Benitez said. “So there’s a bunny in there, a lamb, there’s a swan and then there’s a deer, because I think of those animals and I think of just pure. And they’re usually cute.”

She also has a couple of digital works in the exhibit. She said she scanned old photos from the Brenau collection and altered them online, adding or removing different elements. She changed the background of a photo from the theater department and blended the two photos into one.

Jordyn De La Rosa, a junior fashion design student at Brenau, submitted two pieces this year. One piece showed the design process used to design a piece of clothing. The other was a drawing of a dress she did as a final project for one of her classes.

“My professor gave us all a word to use, and my word was space,” De La Rosa said. “So essentially, I have a space goddess, with a dress designed to fit the space theme.”

It’s a blue dress with a black background of constellations stretching from one side to the other.

“Honestly, I love anything within the fashion industry,” De La Rosa said. “As long as I’m doing something where I’m either designing clothes or I’m handling clothes, I’ll be happy and love my job. So, I’m just kind of keeping my eyes open for what’s out there.”

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Jordyn De La Rosa - photo by Austin Steele
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