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Look what I grew!
An occasional series highlighting fresh items from home gardens
Mele Miller of Gainesville has rose bushes in her front yard that bloom in shades of pinks and corals. - photo by SARA GUEVARA

Mele Miller rescued a rose from the yard of an old house next door to where she used to live. Now in Gainesville, she is often known as "the rose lady" because of the beautiful bushes in front of her porch and by her mailbox. She doesn't know what kind it is, but it blooms all summer long in beautiful tones of yellow, orange and pink. She admits she's not even an avid gardener. "I think it's just a really old heirloom rose that's disease resistant. You just really don't have to do anything with it," she said.

What she grew: An unknown variety of rose

Why she decided to grow it: When she moved from her old house, the house next door had been vacant for some time. "I hated for it to be destroyed when they bulldozed the house."

Does it require any special care: "I don't do anything for it ... (all) I've ever done is spray for Japanese beetles. ... I would like to say that it's my fault that it's such a great bush, but it's not. It's just a great bush."

How the rose is used: "It's really good for bouquets because they're very, very, very fragrant.

Would she grow one again: "Actually, I've rooted several of them. It seems to root easily."

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