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Look what I grew!
An occasional series highlighting freshly grown items from home gardens
Sonny Helton of Clermont holds a 2-pound tomato grown from a plant he and his wife bought from an ad in a plant magazine. The tomatoes are perfect for tomato sandwiches, the couple say. - photo by Kristen Morales

Thelma and Sonny Helton, Clermont

It's easy to pass over an ad in a corner of a magazine purporting to sell a "giant super species" of tomato. But in the case of Thelma and Sonny Helton, the tomato plant, bought on a bit of a whim, turned out to be a great producer. This summer, the Heltons have been enjoying 2-pound tomatoes fresh off the towering vine just off their back patio.

What they grew: "Monster" tomatoes purchased from

Why they decided to grow it: "I just saw it in the book," said Thelma, of the plant catalog she received this past spring. So, she cut back her Jacob's coat climbing rose and plunked a tomato plant down in its spot.

Does it require any special care: "Just watered it. No special care," Thelma said.

How the tomatoes will be used: "Sandwiches," she said. "They cover a whole piece of bread."

Would she grow it again: "I'm going to try to. I'm going to try to dry the seeds and try next year."


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