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Scientist educates public about space and radiation
NASA's Van Allen Probes topic of conversation during lunch series
David Yenerall speaks about the Van Allen Belt as part of the Natureversity Brown Bag Luncheon Lecture Series on Thursday afternoon at the Elachee Nature Science Center. Yenerall discussed the recent NASA-launched Van Allen Probes, which are two robotic spacecraft being used to study the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding Earth.
When David Yenerall asks the group of adults sitting in the Elachee Nature Center if they have any questions, hands immediately shoot into the air. Yenerall, an instructor of physics and astronomy at Georgia Perimeter College, spoke to the group Thursday afternoon about the Van Allen Probes, two NASA spacecraft measuring the radiation belt surrounding Earth at the center’s Natureversity Brown Bag Luncheon. Rather than asking for clarification on the science Yenerall covered, many questions started with “what if.”