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Restaurants compete in cookie-inspired contest
Girl Scouts mark Samoa's 40th birthday
The Girl Scout cookie, Samoa, has inspired the creation of a poke cake. The ingredients include chocolate cake mix, caramel and coconut flakes.

For a Samoa-inspired recipe, click here.

The sweetest season is upon Northeast Georgia as Girl Scout cookie sales are in full swing, and the girls are preparing to celebrate the iconic Samoa’s 40th birthday.

For the birthday celebration and National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, local bakeries are taking part in a Samoa dessert contest to see who can make the best sweet treat featuring the favorite cookie.

“We had done a dessert contest previously for National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend two years ago,” Regional Sales Director for Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Christy Cooper said. “People love Girl Scout cookies, but they love to have them in different ways. Hopefully it will be every year from now on.”

The contest, which officially begins Friday, will feature desserts from The Colored Egg, 2 Dog Cafe, Oakwood Occasions, Atlas Pizza and Luna’s. Sunday is the deadline for dessert tasting and voting, and everyone is invited to stop at the different restaurants and taste their Samoa-inspired creations.

“The whole weekend they will have the desserts on their menus,” Cooper said. “Then we have table tents at the different restaurants, and as they are eating, they will use the QR code to vote.”

The public may also vote at

At the end of the weekend, the votes will be counted and a company will be awarded a trophy.

The Samoa, a dark chocolate, caramel, coconut confection from Little Brownie Bakers, is the second-most popular cookie in the region, Cooper said. The cookie is even more popular than its Northern counterpart, the Caramel Delight, made by ABC Bakers.

“There are actually two different bakeries, so a lot of people think that the Samoa and the Caramel Delight are the same thing, but they are made a little bit differently,”  Cooper said. “The Samoa has dark chocolate on the bottom, and the Caramel Delight has milk chocolate.”

Cooper explained the big argument has always been which cookie is better. Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia have sold cookies from both bakeries with success, but recently, the region decided to stick exclusively with Little Brownie Bakers because its varieties of the traditional cookies were more popular in the area.

“We went from selling both to only selling Samoas,” Cooper said of the Samoa and Caramel Delight cookies. “The whole state of Georgia is exclusively Samoas. We had both companies come out and compare programs, and we decided to go with Little Brownie Bakers. With them, girls can sell cookies online this year to people normally out of their reach.”

Along with favorites such as Thin Mints and Do-Si-Dos, the Samoa is one of the best-selling cookies in North Georgia. Cooper feels it has to do with the slightly different ingredients.

“The dark chocolate absolutely makes it more popular, and the coconut is actually toasted in the Samoa,” Cooper said.

For Kathy Wedegis, owner and baker at The Colored Egg, the Samoa is a reminder of her daughters growing up in the Girl Scout program. She is excited to participate in the dessert contest.

“There’s a lot to the Samoa,” she said. “It’s a really good cookie, with the caramel and the chocolate and the coconut. It can really stand alone.”

Wedegis usually only bakes savory treats for breakfast and lunch at the bakery, so creating a dessert was a bit of a challenge for her.

“I think it’s going to be a type of cheesecake,” Wedegis said. “I actually have to find some more Samoas at this point because I used the box they gave me, and I can’t find them anywhere.”

Cooper and the Girl Scouts are working to ensure Samoas and other cookies will be available for purchase at each restaurant during the weekend celebration. They are also hoping to boost sales for the end of the season.

“March 8 is the deadline for cookies this year, so we are hoping the contest will push it just a little as a reminder that they will be gone soon for the year,” Cooper said.

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