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Cooks heat up ovens for baking as fall season arrives
Some seasonal treats only use 10 ingredients or less
Karen Hatfield of Sycamore Kitchen offered up her chocolate hazelnut brown butter torte.

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Baking season has arrived, and the oven is beckoning. So we’ve asked some of the best pastry chefs in Los Angeles for home recipes to ease bakers into fall. Their recipes call for 10 ingredients or fewer but are desserts worthy of bringing to a party, even Sharlena Fong’s marshmallow-studded campfire scones from Semi Sweet Bakery.

Karen Hatfield of Hatfield’s and the Sycamore Kitchen shares a rich, rustic-yet-elegant brown butter cake with dark chocolate and hazelnuts.

The traditional pecan pie is re-imagined by Genevieve Gergis, pastry chef at Bestia, with a filling and crust that’s improved with a little creme fraîche. Roxana Jullapat of Cooks County makes a pumpkin mascarpone fool that is creamy and cool. And Gjelina Take Away pastry chef Nicole Rucker’s apple custard crumb pie, spiced with cardamom, is sort of genius. Rucker uses dried apples so “you don’t have to peel, core and cut them,” she said.