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5 tips to turn your cluttered closet into an organized space
Turn your cluttered closet into an organized space by following 5 easy steps.

Whether you are a fashionista with a perfectly color-coded closet or a man who wears five of the same type of shirt every day, chances are your bedroom and closet could benefit from a good cleaning and reorganization.

Angelina Manolakis, a professional organizer and owner of All Things In Order, offered some tips for getting your sleeping space up to par.


It doesn’t matter what kind of bag or box you use, but you will need both to divide and conquer your cluttered or organized closet and dresser drawers.

The bag will be for trash and the box will be for donations. If you think you’re going to need more than one of each, grab as many as you need.


The secret to a good clean is ensuring you have everything beforehand. That includes the boxes and bags from the previous step.

Mental preparation is just as important, Manolakis said.

To get yourself in the mood to clean out your wardrobe, put on some tunes. Upbeat music should do the trick.


The next step is to put everything — and she means everything — in your closet on the bed. That includes accessories, hat boxes, shoes and whatever is in your closet.

If you place the items on the bed, you will be more encouraged to finish the gargantuan task before bedtime.

Manolakis recommends sorting the items into three piles. One pile is “keep,” one is “trash” and one is “donate.”

However, there is potential fourth pile — maybes. The maybe pile can be clothes you rarely wear but want to hold onto for some reason.

Once you’re finished going through your clothing, accessories and other closet items, return to this pile and think it through.

Manolakis said to ask yourself these questions:

* Have you worn that item within the year?

* Does it look better on the hanger than it does on you?

* Could someone else use it today?

If you answer no on the first question, it goes into the donation pile. If you answer yes on the last two questions, it goes into the donation pile.


Once everything has been removed from your closet, it’s time to actually clean it.

The next step depends on what kind of shelving and space you have in the closet. Manolakis prefers to use a simple solution of half water and half vinegar for cleaning because she doesn’t like to use harsh chemicals.

Either way, Manolakis recommends adding scented shelf liners after you’ve cleaned them. These can be purchased from places such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s or even online.

Furthermore, vacuum everywhere while your closet is completely empty.


After you’ve narrowed down your wardrobe into three neat piles, remove the trash and donation piles from the room. If it is left in the room, you may never get it to the trash bins and your favorite thrift store.

Any items you’ve designated keep, place them back in the closet.

Then tackle the rest of your bedroom.

Merry Maids, a national cleaning service with one in Gainesville, suggests vacuuming or dusting ceiling fans and air filters in the room first, starting from the ceiling and working down. If you have rugs, put them outside until you’re finished cleaning.

Sprinkle baking soda on the carpets to help deodorize the carpet and then vacuum.

If you have wood or tile floors, vacuum them, too. But use the hardwood floor feature and not the roller.

Throw any kinds of linens in the washing machine, using that time to vacuum, rotate and flip the mattress.

Finally, remake your bed and lay down to revel in your clean bedroom.