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Making fruity beer without fruit: The Lost Druid crafts a smooth peaches and cream ale
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Despite tasting and smelling of peaches, The Lost Druid's Glistening of the Dawn beer gets its fruity character from an experimental hop. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Despite being a so-called “beer columnist,” I had never typed “breweries near me” on Google Maps, until a couple of days ago. 

How embarrassing.

Glistening of the Dawn

Brewery: The Lost Druid Brewery

Alcohol by volume: 4.8%

Style: Peaches and cream ale

Bottom line: A delightful non-peach Georgia peach beer

Living in Avondale Estates, I’d flip-flopped between neighborhood breweries like Wild Heaven Beer and Three Taverns Brewery, but was perplexed when I saw the name “The Lost Druid” in my desperate quarantine search for beer. The brewery was just down the road from my house.

I admit, I felt a little ashamed that I had failed to discover this brewery until now, but excited about the prospect of finding a new favorite local spot.

Also, the Dungeons & Dragons nerd in me couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit a place with the name of one of my favorite nature-loving character classes. 

Mask on, I set off on a 5-minute journey to locate this mysterious brewery tucked away near downtown Avondale Estates. It wasn’t covered in vines like I hoped, but impressive nonetheless.

The Lost Druid contains a giant bar that stretches to the length of most of the building that is fit with a large line of beer on tap. There’s ample seating inside and out, and a menu with in-house made food.

Once it’s safe for people to resume gathering in public, I won’t hesitate to drink a pint at The Lost Druid. While I was there, I grabbed a to-go four-pack of Glistening of the Dawn, a peaches and cream ale crafted by brewmaster Rob Hopek.

Despite tasting and smelling of peaches, the stone fruit wasn’t used in the brewing process. Instead, Hopek incorporated an experimental hop that imparts the flavors of peaches.

“I’m not a huge fan of peach beer,” Hopek said.  “Whether with real peaches or peach flavoring, it always tastes metallic to me. I wanted to see if I could get the peach notes in the beer through the use of the hops.”

The beer was fermented with both ale and lager yeasts. Although it produces a slightly creamy flavor, it doesn’t contain lactose.

“What I love about brewing is that I think there’s just so much more you can do with brewing other than throwing in candy and things like that, by really learning what nature has to offer and digging in deep that way,” Hopek said.

Glistening of the Dawn surprised me with its smoothness, undeniable peach taste and slight sweetness. I expected the beer to give off a strong sweet flavor, but was pleased to find out that this wasn’t the case.

This is the sort of beer I plan to enjoy during the warmer months on my porch. It’s light, smooth, and scratches my perpetual Georgia peach itch.

For those eager to get their hands on this beer, you’ll have to pay a visit to the brewery, located at 2866 Washington St. in Avondale Estates. 

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