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Get your hobbit fingers on this 'Lord of the Rings' inspired beer
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Savannah River Brewing Co.’s The Beacons are Lit.

As I took a sip of Savannah River Brewing Co.’s The Beacons are Lit, I couldn’t help but imagine Gandalf softly whispering, “Hope is kindled.”

This beer isn’t one of those gimmicky brews that doesn’t match a beloved theme with an equally fantastic flavor. 

The Beacons are Lit 

Brewery: Savannah River Brewing Co.

Alcohol by volume: 6%

Style: Coffee milk stout

Bottom line: A beer worth rescuing Gondor for

Savannah River Brewing Co. properly pays homage to “The Lord of the Rings” with not only a scrumptious chocolatey brew, but with a label design full of not-so-subtle nods to the trilogy. 

“We’re just a bunch of geeks, and all of us are pretty into ‘Lord of the Rings,’” said Adam Fulmer, head brewer. “Mike (Ellison) our general manager, had suggested ‘The Beacons are Lit. I was like, ‘Oh, heck yeah, that would be great.’” 

In addition to images of the warning beacons, which were used in “Return of the King” by Gondor to call for aid from Rohan, the can displays a pair of hobbit feet poking out of a barrel of beer. There’s also a silhouette of a dragon flying in the background, and one of the leaves of Lorian — which were brooches given by Galadriel to members of the Fellowship of the Ring — sitting above the beer’s name. 

To make the milk stout, Fulmer said he used lots of roasted malts and lactose, and an English strain of yeast. He also infused the beer with a mix of Rwandan and Columbian coffee from Ubora Coffee Roasters in downtown Augusta, and cocoa nibs from Condor Chocolates in Athens.

“I love the big chocolate notes,” Fulmer said. “I decided to go a little light on the coffee because I wanted to have it kind of bolstering the flavors.”

Every year I go through different beer style phases. I admit, I’ve been on a dark beer hiatus for a while. The Beacons are Lit has been the beer to pull me out of my cave and reunite me with the ring ... I mean beer, of power. 

It’s smooth as silk with creamy and toasty notes. The beer offers a small dose of an acidic coffee flavor, then welcomely slaps you with milk chocolate. I found that each sip got sweeter and sweeter; however, not enough to turn me off of the beer. 

If you’re a dork like me, and you also appreciate a beautiful stout, get your grubby hobbit fingers on Savannah River Brewing Co.’s The Beacons are Lit. 

Savannah River Brewing Co. is located at 813 5th St. in Augusta. Check out more beer from this Augusta-based brewery at