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Feel exclusive and fancy with this Posh Premium Ale
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Posh Premium Ale: Opulent Peach. Illustration by Nick Bowman and Fletcher Deal.

Labeling something as exclusive is like dropping off a cornhole set at a cookout in the deep South — it’s as irresistible as it is common. 

Although Posh Premium Ale: Opulent Peach is readily stocked in grocery stores throughout the Atlanta metro area, there’s something still alluring and chic about it. 

Posh Premium Ale: Opulent Peach

Supplied by: Posh Beverage Company

Brewed by: Second Self Beer Company

Alcohol by volume: 5.1%

Style: Amber ale

Bottom line: An inoffensive, Georgia-inspired brew

Maybe it’s the way the stark black and white design wraps around the can like a maze, or the fact that it doesn’t include a description of its amber ale style. I couldn’t even find the beverage’s alcohol by volume on the can. 

It left me perplexed and curious. So, naturally, I bought it. 

In a small box on the back of the can, you can find an accreditation to Second Self Beer Co. in Atlanta. However, the beer doesn’t scream “Second Self.” There’s no characteristic split design nor a black band at the top with the brewery’s name.

It turns out Second Self made it in-house for someone else — Posh Beverage Co. 

This boldly designed ale is the alcohol supplier’s first brand name beer. Jonathan Gillard owns the Fayetteville-based company and continues to grow the beer’s distribution range. 

Instead of making beer through the company, Gillard said he plans to keep contracting his product out to Georgia breweries. 

With Posh Premium Ale, Gillard wanted to create a brew that would not only appeal to most beer drinkers, but represent Georgia. 

“I’ve been living in Georgia for the last 20 years and I know it’s known for peaches,” he said. “I don’t see too many peach beer products in the market. I prefer ales, so I decided to make peach ale.”

Instead of punching people with sweet peaches, he aimed to make the fruit flavor delicate, while still maintaining a slight bitterness. 

“Overall, it’s a great tasting beer that beer drinkers will love,” Gillard said. “I think with the subtleness of the peach, a lot of ladies will enjoy it as well.”

Second Self definitely achieved Gillard’s vision.

I like to think that I have a sharp palate, but I really had to focus hard on pinpointing the peach flavor. 

The beer is wheat-forward and malty with a hint of bitterness on the backend. For me, the peach flavor appeared as an aftertaste. However, if you’re desperate to detect more of the stone fruit, I recommend swishing it in your mouth. Yes, it’s snobbish and looks funny, but it works. 

This is the type of beer most would find difficult to criticize. It’s inoffensive and light without teetering into the realm of beer-flavored water like Bud Light and Miller Lite. 

If you’re looking for an easy-drinking, stylish beer that has nearly zero chance of offending people, this is the brew for you. 

In February, Posh Beverage will release Majesty, its first Georgia-made bourbon. Like the company’s beer can design, the bottles of bourbon will keep to the same black and white maze design. 

For more information about the company, visit Posh Premium Ale’s Facebook page