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Good news
From left stand Peter Gordon and Janice Jones of Elachee Nature Science Center; Sally Bethea, executive director of Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper; Andrea Timpone, President and CEO of Elachee; and R.K. Whitehead, Elachee's Chairman of the board of trustees.

The Jackson County Historical Society's historic courthouse document recovery project has recovered thousands of historical documents dating back to 1796, and the project has garnered the group an award for excellence in archival program development.

During the first phase of the project, members vacuumed, dusted and removed thousands of paper clips and rubber bands from loose papers, books and court documents.

What started in April 2006 as a two-week project has turned into a multi-year effort because of the wealth of documents recovered from the attic, basement and vaults.

The project by the Jackson County Historical Society continues throughout this year as the records are electronically indexed. With the help of 16 volunteers, the group logged 1,892 hours during 2008.

The Elachee Nature Science Center was among several individuals and organizations recently honored by the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper with its River Educator Award during the organization's 15th annual Patron Appreciation Dinner.

The award recognizes Elachee's floating classroom program, which has served close to 20,000 school children since its inception in 2000 and provides a hands-on, science-based examination of watersheds aboard the 42-foot Chota Princess II pontoon boat.

Hair Artistry participated in a fundraising event during the recent Mule Camp Market in downtown Gainesville, making pink hair extensions with all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The event raised more than $850.

Stevi B's Pizza recently presented a check for $720 to the Hall County Boys & Girls Clubs. The money was raised during the restaurant's recent grand opening weekend, and during the event Stevi B's also provided pizza to 300 children and 25 adults at the Boys & Girls Clubs.

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