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Dean's, President's and Merit List honorees for fall 2012 semester
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The following local students completed courses with exemplary marks and made the President’s and Dean’s List for 2012 fall semester at Gainesville State College in Oakwood.

Rebecca DelPlato, Buford, President’s List.

Catherine Lindke, Buford, President’s List.

Jennifer Springston, Buford, President’s List.

Margaret Beifus, Buford, Dean’s List.

Zachary Edelman, Buford, Dean’s List.

Kimberly Griffin, Buford, Dean’s List.

Gregory Hunter, Buford, Dean’s List.

Mary Memmel, Buford, Dean’s List.

Amber Nichols, Buford, Dean’s List.

Peyton Phillips, Buford, Dean’s List.

Laurie Bynum, Clermont, President’s List.

Chelsea Newberry, Clermont, Dean’s List.

Timothy Litz, Cleveland, President’s List.

Hannah Martin, Cleveland, President’s List.

Rebecca King, Cleveland, Dean’s List.

Ryan McCoy, Cleveland, Dean’s List.

Kaitlyn Wilson, Commerce, President’s List.

Mackenzie Palette, Commerce, Dean’s List.

John Paul Di Leo, Cumming, President’s List.

Miranda Kenerly, Cumming, President’s List.

Heidi Najdek, Cumming, President’s List.

David Reichardt, Cumming, President’s List.

Joshua Addison, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Michael Blubaugh, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Marissa Cantrell, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Phillip Gunter, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Robert Hicks, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Kayla Kummala, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Jessica McCurley, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Ian Nadasdy, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Zachary Nix, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Keegan Phillips, Cumming, Dean’s List.

Mark Stokes, Dahlonega, President’s List.

Kevin Davis, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

David English, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

John Freeman, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

Diana Gil, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

Brandi Hester, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

Christopher Hopper, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

Qing Huang, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

Brett Lewis, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

Brittney Mimbs, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

James Shuman, Flowery Branch, President’s List.

Timothy Ansel, Flowery Branch, Dean’s List.

Alexis Arent, Flowery Branch, Dean’s List.

Laura Carlson, Flowery Branch, Dean’s List.

Gabriel Fernandez, Flowery Branch, Dean’s List.

James Holmes, Flowery Branch, Dean’s List.

Ryan Lafferty, Flowery Branch, Dean’s List.

Jennifer Owens, Flowery Branch, Dean’s List.

Melinda Broadston, Gainesville, President’s List.

Cristian Delgado, Gainesville, President’s List.

Matthew DeLong, Gainesville, President’s List.

Emmy Dixon, Gainesville, President’s List.

Jacob Elliott, Gainesville, President’s List.

Diego Gonzalez, Gainesville, President’s List.

Cale Hatch, Gainesville, President’s List.

Joshua Hensley, Gainesville, President’s List.

Khang Nguyen M. Ho, Gainesville, President’s List.

Yesenia Ibarra, Gainesville, President’s List.

Cody Kemp, Gainesville, President’s List.

Jordan Millwood, Gainesville, President’s List.

Maria Del Rosario Palacios, Gainesville, President’s List.

Brandon Rumiser, Gainesville, President’s List.

Kevin Avila, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Erica Aviles, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Jordan Bearden, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Maria Carpio, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Joseph Carrillo, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Jason Combs, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Summerlin Franklin, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Laura Hanson, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Josaiah Hartog, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Daneka Hoopaugh, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Dana House, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Krista Joyner, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Joyce Nakano, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Russell Reed, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Lydia Simpson, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

David Timms, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Brandon Travis, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Ester Villa, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Calvin Waters, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Kristen Witherow, Gainesville, Dean’s List.

Linda Melon, Gillsville, President’s List.

Jo Ann Carlyle, Hoschton, President’s List.

Joseph Gracek, Hoschton, President’s List.

Kelcy Loy, Hoschton, President’s List.

Justin Thomas, Hoschton, President’s List.

Rebecca Martin, Hoschton, Dean’s List.

Rebecca Wilson, Hoschton, Dean’s List.

Rachel Goza, Jefferson, President’s List.

Esther Stuart, Jefferson, President’s List.

Christopher Armour, Jefferson, Dean’s List.

Daniel McLain, Jefferson, Dean’s List.

Andrew Comstock, Lula, President’s List.

Kimberly Henderson, Lula, Dean’s List.

Bridget Marlow, Lula, Dean’s List.

Brian Nix, Lula, Dean’s List.

Hannah Schrader, Murrayville, President’s List.

Sarah Harper, Murrayville, Dean’s List.

Haden Rider, Murrayville, Dean’s List.

Hannah Barnes, Oakwood, President’s List.

Kathleen Exley, Oakwood, President’s List.

Corryn Smith, Oakwood, President’s List.

Jesse Turner, Oakwood, President’s List.

Claudia Diaz, Oakwood, Dean’s List.

Mark Green, Oakwood, Dean’s List.

Ciarra Marie Van Wagenen, Oakwood, Dean’s List.

Mary Wise, Oakwood, Dean’s List.

Christopher Lundy, Statham, Dean’s List.

Stephen Orr, Winder, President’s List.

Cassey Smith, Winder, President’s List.

Judy Eicher, Winder, Dean’s List.

Tiffany Sirone, Winder, Dean’s List.

Kou Xiong, Winder, Dean’s List.



Kelly A. Thompson of Alto has completed courses with exemplary marks and made the President’s List for fall semester 2012 from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton.



The following local students completed courses with exemplary marks and made the Dean’s List for 2012 fall semester at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton.

Amanda Lowe of Clarkesville.

Newton Gilman of Commerce.

Phillip Conner of Cumming.

Andrew Holtzclaw of Cumming.

Kevin Sams of Cumming.

Aaron Benefield of Flowery Branch.



The following local students completed courses with exemplary marks and made the Dean’s List for 2012 fall semester at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville.

Tatum O’Keefe of Buford.

Haley Sheram of Buford.

Brandie Garrett of Clermont.

Chloe Barrett of Cleveland.

Alexandria Pace of Commerce.

Natalie Compton of Flowery Branch.

Sara McFadyen of Flowery Branch.

Joseph Taylor of Flowery Branch.

Madeline Kearns of Gainesville.

John Dillon of Gainesville.

Jessica Stephens of Gainesville.

Joseph Burns of Gainesville.

Jessica Daniel of Gainesville.

Lieren Forbes of Gainesville.

Brian Garner of Gainesville.

Emily Hammond of Gainesville.

Timothy McDonald of Gainesville.

Evan Pacleb of Gainesville.

Katherine Reulbach of Gainesville.

McKenna Rushton of Gainesville.

Lauren Thompson of Gainesville.

Jordan Vaughan of Gainesville.

Alexis Wiegand of Gainesville.

Justin Kalin of Gainseville.

William Alden of Helen.

Elise Fitzgerald of Hoschton.

Alan McCurdy of Hoschton.

Charles Vincent of Hoschton.



The following area residents completed courses with exemplary marks and made the President’s List for fall semester 2012 from Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville.

Callie Denmark of Braselton

Colleen Foy of Buford

Kari Goodbar of Buford

Westley Kaye of Buford

Miriam McDonald of Buford

Maureen Rhodes of Buford

Caitlin Steinhour of Buford

Audrey Gailey of Clermont

Nicholas Morelli of Cleveland

Danielle Bechtold of Flowery Branch

Avery Piperato of Flowery Branch

Jose Ibarra of Gainesville

Sarah Hughs of Gainesville

Alyssa D’Addieco of Hoschton

Kayla Turner of Hoschton

Jessica Johnson of Jefferson

Rachel Pasko of Jefferson

Samantha Bond of Statham

Alexander Johnston of Statham



The following local students completed courses with exemplary marks and made the Dean’s List for 2012 summer semester at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville.

Lindsey Hodge of Commerce.

Michaela McMahon of Gainesville.

Joseph Henderson of Statham.



Local residents have been named to the Dean’s List at the Savannah College of Art and Design for fall quarter 2012. Full-time undergraduate students who earn a grade point average of 3.5 or above for the quarter receive recognition on the Dean’s List.

Local residents include:

Josef Bell of Buford.

Makaela Davis of Buford.

Susan Kang of Buford.

James McInvale of Cleveland.

Joel Rogers of Cleveland.

Suzanne Nelson of Commerce.

Nathalie Brock of Flowery Branch.

Anna-Sophie Keller of Flowery Branch.

Christopher Folea of Gainesville.

Michele Mobley of Gainesville.

Elizabeth Nguyen of Gainesville.

Ingried Ramirez of Gainesville.

Thuy - Hanh Tran of Gainesville.

Marine Turner of Gainesville.

Andrea Van Hintum of Gainesville.

Sarah Beggs of Jefferson.

Aaron Edwards of Jefferson.


For their academic performance during fall semester 2012, the following students were named to the North Georgia College & State University Dean’s List. Students achieving a 3.5 grade point average and carrying 12 or more credit hours in one semester are placed on the Dean’s List. Students also must have no grade lower than B.

Forsyth County

Melissa White Collis, Cumming

Katie Louise Barronton, Cumming

Brandon Louis Zauche, Cumming

Natalie Lynn Kimbrough, Cumming

Sara Grimaldi, Cumming

Thomas Austin Martin, Cumming

James Michael Briggs, Cumming

Brian Robert Lusher, Cumming

Robert Packard Bryant, Cumming

Rachel Alison Smudde, Cumming

Alicia Lauren Lefebvre, Cumming

Jessica Lee Dinsmore, Cumming

Leilani Elise Michelle Anderson, Cumming

Arend Peter Castelein, Cumming

Anna Miriam Alvarez, Cumming

Deborah Joan Postell, Cumming

David Etheridge Hutto, Cumming

Cortney Evelyn Evans, Cumming

Nicole Elise Shine, Cumming

Taffiny Briane Chatham, Cumming

Britton Jean Smith, Cumming

Morganne Alexandra Hester, Cumming

Michael Nelson, Cumming

Mary Brigid Fain, Cumming

Thomas James Richmond, Cumming

Edward Reece Bowers, Cumming

Taylor Mackinley Hammond, Cumming

Maria Victoria Otano-Vilanova, Cumming

David Bryan Kelley, Cumming

Scarlette Lee Mason, Cumming

Stephanie Lynne Wood, Cumming

Leslie Paige Young, Cumming

Lauren Brooke Andrew, Cumming

Sarah Catherine Smudde, Cumming

Mary Katelyn Witemyre, Cumming

Jake M. Elhabassi, Cumming

Tyler Brian Robinson, Cumming

Alexandra Lynn Norton, Cumming

Caleb Joshua Drawdy, Cumming

Sarah Wood Constantakis, Cumming

Michael Tyler Cleveland, Cumming

Rosemarie Yvette Mascioli, Cumming

Jacklyne D. Sides, Cumming

Matthew Henry Boyko, Cumming

Maria Paulina Saurez, Cumming

Jana Lee Martin, Cumming

Rebekah Ann Cox, Cumming

Hannah Christine Arner, Cumming

James Frederick Beutel, Cumming

Toni Marie Guest, Cumming

Kathryn Louise Peppers, Cumming

Kayla Sollenberger, Cumming

Shelby Faith Cordle, Cumming

Madeleine Veronneau Chiboucas, Cumming

Robert Francis Gerace, Cumming

Kendra Michele Burton, Cumming

Caroline Hope Abraham, Cumming

Stephen Aaron Lyons, Cumming

Garrett Thomas Klassen, Cumming

Jenna Marie Margo, Cumming

Daniel Scott Keener, Cumming

Haley Amanda Quintana, Cumming

John Clark Byrd, Cumming

Rachel Marie Seal, Cumming

Alexander Bernard Schwartzenberger, Cumming

Kara Nicole Duncan, Cumming

Sierra Margaret Rehm, Cumming

Macy Madison Cope, Cumming

Ashley Jo Nichols, Cumming

Shelby Katrina Gober, Cumming

Kimberly Ann Stocksdale, Cumming

Meghan Elizabeth Martisan, Cumming

Carson Scott Hoard, Cumming

Katherine Tierney Jenkins, Cumming

Erin Elizabeth Moore, Cumming

Justin Matthew Stephens, Cumming

Jacob Llewellyn Christian, Cumming

Brett Richard Haytas, Cumming

Ashley Denise Hand, Cumming

Sarah Ann Bryant, Cumming

Cecil Garrett Douthitt, Cumming

Amy Marie Di Iorio, Cumming

Peter Francis Bergeron, Cumming

Melissa Rae Dixon, Cumming

Julia Kathleen Grimaldi, Cumming

Morgan Brittni Berkhan, Cumming

Mary Elizabeth Benefield, Cumming

Sunae Kim, Cumming

Danielle Nicole Roman, Cumming

Mackenzie Ann Warner, Cumming

Alison Dayne Kennedy, Cumming

Patrick Andrew Roberts, Cumming

Victoria Quinn Johnson, Cumming

Diana E. Williams, Cumming

Amanda AnnMarie Brice, Cumming

Valentina Gonzalez, Cumming

Matthew Charles Bottoms, Cumming

Carson Elizabeth Walters, Cumming

Devin Lee Schroeder, Cumming

Daniele Elyse Talend, Cumming

Aimee Leigh Zeestraten, Cumming

Amanda Tammy Hobson, Cumming

Lawrence Eliot Bray, Cumming

Cari Nicole McDonald, Cumming

Stephanie Nicole Reyes, Cumming

Tabitha Kimbrough, Cumming

Allan S. Watson, Cumming

Madeline Grace Portscher, Cumming

Julia Brianne West, Cumming

Ryne Jeffrey Wages, Cumming

Banks County

Jessica Marlena Bowen, Maysville

Andrew Dustin Murray, Commerce

James Anthony-Lane Ledford, Baldwin

Lacie Lou Gunn, Baldwin


Dawson County

Emily Nicole Buice, Dawsonville

Sarah Ruth Colquitt, Dawsonville

Jacqueline Julianne Mashburn, Dawsonville

Emily Elizabeth Du Plooy, Dawsonville

Jessica Ashley Ellett, Dawsonville

Dylan Tucker Martin, Dawsonville

Sean Patrick O’Keefe, Dawsonville

Woodrow Chance Martin, Dawsonville

Krista Lynn Morgan, Dawsonville

Whitley Lauren Grizzle, Dawsonville

Madeline Glenn Small, Dawsonville

Madilene Kosta Gilroy, Dawsonville

Matthew Toby Westberry, Dawsonville

Haylee Susanne Wadsworth, Dawsonville

Barry Lynn Cox, Dawsonville

Elizabeth Ann Beach, Dawsonville

Kimilee Rae Warne, Dawsonville

Callie Elizabeth Pruett, Dawsonville

Ashley Nicole Butterworth, Dawsonville

Timothy Jacob Anglin, Dawsonville

Brittany Ariana Adams, Dawsonville

Eliza Thieme, Dawsonville

Sarah Elizabeth Orr, Dawsonville

Sean David Fisher, Dawsonville

Jake Michael Ryan Wise, Dawsonville

Tameema Ahmed, Dawsonville

David Howard Quinones Jowell, Dawsonville

Katherine Summer Strickland, Dawsonville

Brandon Joshua Day, Dawsonville

Erika Yvonne Barker, Dawsonville

Michael Raymond Styles, Dawsonville

Brianna Sheila Early, Dawsonville

Mary Elizabeth Hoar, Dawsonville

Lisa Marie Siuta, Dawsonville

Chelsea Alexandria Bell, Dawsonville

Courtney Nicole Blair, Dawsonville

Carissa Jean Perez, Dawsonville

Kelsey Marie Stanfill, Dawsonville


Habersham County

Nathan Riggs Nicholson, Cornelia

James Seth Harvey, Demorest

Amanda Elizabeth Kelly, Clarkesville

Weiwei Qui, Clarkesville

Kaitlyn Marie Martin,Turnerville

Angela Marie Kerr, Mount Airy

Coty Trent Sugg, Clarkesville

Adam D. Wineland, Clarkesville

Kristie Nichole Burton, Clarkesville

Timothy Justin Foster, Demorest

Ethan Cody Shirley, Clarkesville

Jessi Ray Tench, Cornelia

Jennifer Nicole Wiley, Cornelia

Adriana Castro, Clarkesville

Ian Thomas Sperin, Clarkesville

Shelby Elizabeth-Kay Kiker, Clarkesville

Elisavet Zavala, Cornelia

Matthew Howard Lewallen, Clarkesville

Callie Marie Manning, Cornelia

Ashten Myrette Herrin, Cornelia

Andrew Pate Akers, Clarkesville

Jana Ansley Tanksley, Cornelia

Kenneth Lee Ruddell, Clarkesville

Lindsey Paige Lee, Alto

Ashley Marie Shockley, Demorest

Andrew Franklin Ferguson, Demorest


Hall County

Tranor Laine Valencia, Flowery Branch

Sallie Melissa Davis, Gainesville

Christopher David Cornett, Gainesville

Kaylin Amanda Walters, Gainesville

Donald R. Graham, Gainesville

Heather Marie Harkins, Gainesville

Sonia Alcantar, Gainesville

Megan Claire Puckett, Lula

Tayleur Nicole Greaver, Flowery Branch

Amy Carolyn Waltman, Oakwood

Victoria Nicole Keith, Gainesville

Emma Kathleen Thomaswick, Murrayville

Maureen Lynn Madsen, Gainesville

Landry Tucker Haynes, Gainesville

Nicholas Paul Rosi, Flowery Branch

Heather Deanna Strickland, Gainesville

Anna Jordan Miller, Lula

Erica Nicole Willis, Gainesville

Mariah Alise Johnson, Lula

Crystal Maria Cruz, Gainesville

Rachel Helena Griffith, Gainesville

Clayton Christopher Nedza, Gainesville

Lori Kathryn Bond, Gillsville

Charles Baynes Norton, Gainesville

LeeAnn Marie Noble, Flowery Branch

Benjamin Brian Hefner, Gainesville

Erin Danielle Waltz, Gainesville

Ruth Delanoy, Gainesville

Andrew Jared Gibson, Gainesville

Lyndsay D’aubert Mercer, Gainesville

Benjamin Gilbert Hildebrandt, Gainesville

Steven Leroy Jett, Gainesville

Graham Blayne Gilmer, Gainesville

Kelsie Maria Smith, Murrayville

Brittany Lorraine Armstrong, Flowery Branch

Kenzie Jae Kelley, Gainesville

Jasper Pebble Chen, Gainesville

Caleb Mitchell Stewart, Oakwood

Thomas Joshua Pass, Clermont

Bailey Anne Soucie, Flowery Branch

Dylan Alexander Mann, Gainesville

Samuel Aubrey Cavedo, Flowery Branch

Brittany Marie Bronson, Murrayville

Lauren Kathleen Zadernak, Gainesville

Tricia Michelle Burgess, Gainesville

Megan Miranda Hulsey, Murrayville

Teosha Sharne Teasley, Gainesville

Hunter Augustus Rowland, Murrayville

Kristen Nicole Iles, Gainesville

Nathaniel Grogan Strong, Gainesville

Christopher Charles Guthrie, Murrayville

Sarah Ashley Wells, Flowery Branch

Evan Joseph Abernathy, Gainesville

Lauren Taylor Dunn, Flowery Branch

Lindsey Marie Swansey, Flowery Branch

Corbin Robert Smith, Gainesville

Charles James Evans, Gainesville

Suzannah Cree Nix, Gainesville

Kayla Shea Lawson, Clermont

Christopher John Cybert, Lula

Saurav Upadhyay, Gainesville

Janine Elizabeth Glenn, Flowery Branch

Micah James Mills, Gainesville

David Alan King, Gainesville

Mallory august Lee, Gainesville

Owen Rhys Hinds, Murrayville

Jessica Lauren Eten, Gainesville

Joel David Wettstone, Gainesville

Sandra Elaine Claxton, Gainesville

Connor M. Johnson, Gainesville

Ethan Brian Souther, Murrayville

Lauren Elizabeth Mikles, Murrayville

Hunter Ralph Berg, Gainesville

Courtney Marie Rogers, Flowery Branch

Aaron James Mann, Gainesville

Brianna Marie Funderburk, Gainesville

Cally Lynn Orr, Flowery Branch

Tania Yulisa Louis, Gainesville

Rebecca Ruth Browner, Gainesville

Sarah Elizabeth Milford, Gainesville

Laura Michelle Hayes, Clermont

Corynn Kelly West, Gainesville

Rachel Elizabeth Soracco, Oakwood

Derek Lamar Watson, Gainesville

Melissa Ellen Bailey, Gainesville

Ashton Elaine Zambrowicz, Gainesville

April Marie Gray, Flowery Branch

Tabitha Kristine Davidson, Murrayville

Irais Flores, Gainesville

Justin Blake Lance, Gainesville

Rachel Danielle Rogers, Lula

Lindsey Nichole McLamb, Gainesville

Zachary James McGarry, Flowery Branch

Lauren Brooks Houston, Gainesville

Taylor M. Howard, Flowery Branch

Elia Santos, Gainesville

Jessica Lynn Young, Gainesville

Lauren Elizabeth Clark, Gainesville

Tamara Renee Gibbs, Flowery Branch

Sadie Alexis Sparks, Gainesville

Mikalyn Taylor Defoor, Gainesville

Jeffrey Russell Pomrenke, Oakwood

Rachel Lee Thomas, Flowery Branch

Kathleen Brianna Garretson, Gainesville

Lance Allen Martin, Gainesville

Cody Leo Pfister, Gainesville

Irving Ivan Salgado, Gainesville

Nicole Claire Jones, Gainesville

Sarita Brianna Madera, Gainesville

Christopher Samuel Rhodes, Flowery Branch

Jaimee Danielle Carnes, Gainesville

Jonathan Paul Frick, Flowery Branch

Samantha Lynn Schubert, Gainesville

Joshua Adam Jones, Gainesville

Alexandra Leigh Griffin, Gainesville

Matthew Blake Leone, Flowery Branch

Melissa Peuntes, Gainesville

Erin Jessica Clark, Gainesville

Kylie Madison Gibbs, Flowery Branch

Sarah Elizabeth Rightmyer, Gainesville

Taylor Savannah Pugh, Gainesville

Adaora Augustina Okeke, Flowery Branch

Victoria Lynn Wilkins, Gainesville

Katrina M. Morris, Flowery Branch

John Carter McMullan, Gainesville

Chelsea Ann Miller, Gillsville

Timothy Ashton Wright, Gainesville

Jonathan A. Turk, Gainesville

John Parker Risley, Gainesville

Dillon Ross Brewster, Gainesville

Miranda Kate McDaniel, Clermont

Sharon Abigail Wettstone, Gainesville

John Leslie Washington, Flowery Branch

Kayla Morgan Strickland, Flowery Branch

Winston Andrew Griffith, Flowery Branch


Jackson County

Alexia Kristine Miller, Hoschton

Chad Douglas Burns, Hoschton

Mariah Dorris Yates, Jefferson

Alix Daniuelle Sutton, Hoschton

Amberly Sue Ellis, Hoschton

Ivy Kaitlyn Godfrey, Braselton

Heather Leigh Cannon, Hoschton

Ellen Carr Hardigree, Jefferson

Lauren Asley Macaulay, Hoschton

Laster Sky Porter, Jefferson

Tsim Nuj Ruajcag Ly, Jefferson

Stephanie Nicole Boring, Jefferson

Jill Renee Worley, Braselton

Alyssa Michelle Esco, Hoschton

Phillip James Haberman, Hoschton

Erika Lee Evans, Commerce

Melody Miller Moore, Hoschton

Leigh Ana Mikail Patterson, Jefferson

Hillary Caroline Hudgins, Hoschton


Lumpkin County

Leslie Jena Truelove, Dahlonega

James Earl Barbee, Dahlonega

Tara Lee Duer, Dahlonega

April Dawn Barr, Dahlonega

Nicholas Evan Rivera, Dahlonega

Andrew Wilson Carter, Dahlonega

Cara Brooke Malone, Dahlonega

Hayley Breanna Moore, Dahlonega

Robert Craig Sullivan, Dahlonega

Jordan Douglas Sanderson, Dahlonega

Colin Matthew Foster, Dahlonega

Virginia Quinn Vincent, Dahlonega

Leigh Ann Romine, Dahlonega

Jessica Nicole Vincent, Dahlonega

Morgan Lea Chapman, Dahlonega

Jesse Cocherell McCurry, Dahlonega

Michael Allen Smith, Dahlonega

Avery Len Ross, Dahlonega

Jordan Gabrielle Wesley, Dahlonega

Ashley Nichole Berry, Dahlonega

Adam John Schultz, Dahlonega

Kathryn Marie Thompson, Dahlonega

Mary Katherine Bryant, Dahlonega

Holly Lauren Maultsby, Dahlonega

Kayleigh Lynn Smith, Dahlonega

Hayden Victor Grizzle, Dahlonega

Amanda Beth Chafin, Dahlonega

Kathryn Elizabeth Stainton, Dahlonega

Timothy James Conrad, Dahlonega

Kimberly Iris Montgomery, Dahlonega

Sallie Jane Kimbro, Dahlonega

Joshua Caleb Garroutte, Dahlonega

Lydia Ellyn Caldwell, Dahlonega

Josephine Heather Le, Dahlonega

Jessica Lynn Hanlon, Dahlonega

Tonya Nichole Carthern, Dahlonega

Kyle David Laseter, Dahlonega

Jenna Leigh Bryant, Dahlonega

Richard Andrew Ross, Dahlonega

Justin Lee Truelove, Dahlonega

Randal Duane Otis, Dahlonega

Joshua Terry Stroud, Dahlonega

Matthew C. Kittrell, Dahlonega

Abby Renea Green, Dahlonega

Robert James Poole, Dahlonega

Margaret Elizabeth Paul, Dahlonega

Thomas Albert Pirone, Dahlonega

Shawn Henschen, Dahlonega

Zachary Alan Saway, Dahlonega

Dustin Harold Carpenter, Dahlonega

William Charles Passman, Dahlonega

Margaret Elizabeth Riches, Dahlonega

Jamie Danielle Cagle, Dahlonega

Travis Paul Campbell, Dahlonega

Michael Austin Booker, Dahlonega

Patrick Ted Rex, Dahlonega

Zachary Chapman Gerrells, Dahlonega

Jared Thomas Scott, Dahlonega

Amanda Brooke West, Dahlonega

Brittany Anne Howard, Dahlonega

Siddhartha Vasant Patel, Dahlonega

Benjamin Thomas Jarrard, Dahlonega

Lauren Ashton Wimpy, Dahlonega

Whitney Mae Anderson, Dahlonega

Edgar Ivan Rojas, Dahlonega

Daniel Dean Mihok, Dahlonega

Justin Michael Day, Dahlonega

Lori Shayna Sherrill, Dahlonega

Matthew John Barton, Dahlonega

Sara Beth Anderson, Dahlonega


White County

Jessicabeth Ellabee Lange, Cleveland

Hannah Claire Chandler, Cleveland

Vonda Barrett, Cleveland

Randi Maria Jarrard, Cleveland

Abigail Camille Thomas, Cleveland

Brooke Nicole Sutton, Cleveland

Kaitlynn Danielle Rumley, Cleveland

Kayla Maria Cantrell, Sautee Nacoochee

Megan Brittany Johnston, Cleveland

Rachel Marissa Black, Cleveland

Mary Therese Washell, Cleveland

Michael Anthony Blaise Washell, Cleveland

Katherine Elizabeth Lawson, Cleveland

Mark James Moody, Cleveland

Jospeh Buchanan Lachine, Cleveland

Jacob Paul Speed, Cleveland

Katherine Rachael Beccue, Sautee Nacoochee

Joshua William McCausland, Cleveland

Sharon Rebekah Keane, Cleveland

Corin Andrew McDonald, Cleveland

Katherine Leigh Sledge, Cleveland

Kielea Lakendra Loggins, Cleveland

William Conrad Dunlap, Cleveland

Derek Blaine Caudill, Cleveland

Thomas Jacob Tallant, Cleveland

Robin Elizabeth Grote, Cleveland

Kaitlyn Marie Christensen, Cleveland


For their academic performance during fall semester 2012, the following students were named to the North Georgia College & State University President’s List. Students achieving a 4.0 grade point average and carrying 12 or more credit hours in one semester are placed on the President’s List.

Banks County

Jefferson George Kiefer, Baldwin

Shelby Ann Forrester, Maysville

Erica Elizabeth White, Baldwin

Meagan Nicole Williams, Commerce

Daniel James Anderson, Commerce

Heather Nicole Meeks, Maysville

Courtney Beale Ledford, Baldwin

Dawson County

Tiffany Nicole Gregory, Dawsonville

Ronald Steven Denmon, Dawsonville

Amanda Lynn Cornelison, Dawsonville

Charles Clark Beusse, Dawsonville

Bryanna Nicole Hamby, Dawsonville

Chad Edwin Mayo, Dawsonville

Joel Ellis Mcwhorter, Dawsonville

Shannon Kathleen Murray, Dawsonville

Erin Grace Pruitt, Dawsonville

Autumn Sierra Clonts, Dawsonville

Amber Rae Rodriguez, Dawsonville

Ellery Harrison Clonts, Dawsonville

Anne Elizabeth Clanton, Dawsonville

Savanna Lee Yeager, Dawsonville

Lauren Michelle Elzey, Dawsonville

Amanda Elizabeth Martin, Dawsonville

Grant Mitchell Shope, Dawsonville

Allie Elizabeth Dean, Dawsonville

Lora Elizabeth Brown, Dawsonville

Jessica Brooke Lively, Dawsonville


Forsyth County

Sarah Elizabeth Chapman, Cumming

Tharquin Jepath Belongilot, Cumming

Briony Jane Pittaway, Cumming

Christopher Thomas Bishop, Cumming

Brooke Anna Caine, Cumming

Stacey Lynn Anderson, Cumming

Audrey Lou Ann Gravitt, Cumming

Dakota Jack Fidram, Cumming

Lynn Kim Hoang Tran, Cumming

Kaitlyn Louise Meehan, Cumming

Timothy Irving Kennell, Cumming

Robert Gordon Scott, Cumming

Shelby Elaine Mooney, Cumming

Haleigh Renee Leshea, Cumming

Jesi Elizabeth Wallace, Cumming

Kayla Rosalie Deak, Cumming

Dana Renay Fisher, Cumming

Alison Rachel Acquaviva, Cumming

Marilla Anne Kennell, Cumming

Lindsey Julia Wood, Cumming

Megan Elizabeth Oliver, Cumming

Benjamin John Rainwater, Cumming

Megan Elizabeth Poole, Cumming

Erin Durden Clark, Cumming

Rachel Joyce King, Cumming

Julie Nicole Lanni, Cumming

Jennifer Nicole Ward, Cumming

David Charles Payette, Cumming

Cody William Nevins, Cumming

Anthony Joseph Argento, Cumming

John Bradley Beyea, Cumming

Savannah Kaye Smith, Cumming

Chederli Gayle Balbeuna Belongilot, Cumming

Joseph Edward Harris, Cumming

Tara Nicole Kierzkowski, Cumming

Jennifer Kelley O’Neill, Cumming

Benjamin Joel Bolton, Cumming

Jessica Lee Carson, Cumming

Shane Hilton Lyons, Cumming

Laura Cristina Ospina, Cumming

Brandi Nicole Turk, Cumming

Anne Elizabeth Burton, Cumming

Lauren Elizabeth Hansen, Cumming

Katie Paulette Mayfield, Cumming

Zane Gregory Williams, Cumming

Alyssa Nicole Holder, Cumming

Jessica Michele Case, Cumming

Alexander Lemar Beach, Cumming

Paul Minh Hvy Tran, Cumming

Kelsey Ann Prausa, Cumming

Amy Romano Hanlon, Cumming

Molly Ray Scott, Cumming

Kerri Lisa Gray, Cumming

Andrew Simeon Trammell, Cumming

Alexis Christine Belasco, Cumming

Ashley Nicole Garner, Cumming

Kelsey Morgan Childress, Cumming

Caroline Reilly Matarrese, Cumming

Lauren Alexis Freeman, Cumming


Habersham County

Alexandria Lynn Herrin, Cornelia

Jackson Ray Dean, Cornelia

Hannah Nicole Brown, Demorest

Cristen Jennifer Price, Demorest

Hillary Michelle Hill, Mount Airy

Karlie Michelle Kennedy, Cornelia

Matthew Clay Kornegay, Clarkesville

Shawn Richard Burton, Mount Airy

Melissa Anne Deese, Clarkesville

Danielle Leigh Wilson, Clarkesville

Matthew Odell Holbrook, Clarkesville

Scott Allen Sims, Demorest

Alicia Nicole Strange, Cornelia

Jennifer Nicole Purcell, Mount Airy

Kelly Morgan Fennell, Alto


Hall County

Angel Rochelle Estrella, Flowery Branch

Diane Eileen Shackelford, Flowery Branch

Krista Michelle Lentini, Gainesville

Anthony Evan Todaro, Flowery Branch

Nicole Mary Bronsted, Gainesville

Nathalie Carolina Yanez, Flowery Branch

Jason Richard Davis, Lula

Charlotte Leigh-Ann Downey, Gainesville

Katie Lee Collier, Gainesville

Britni Leigh Esson, Gainesville

Jonathon Brian Mcrae, Gainesville

Matthew James Jones, Gainesville

Brittany Alexandra Huckaby, Gainesville

Leigh Thompson Wilson, Gainesville

Amanda Marie Wilkson, Gainesville

Bomba Lee Satterfield, Gainesville

Robert James Keller, Gainesville

Brandon Ray Sloan, Flowery Branch

Haley Greer Arnold, Gainesville

Shama Shamira Khimani Rainwater, Gainesville

Rebecca Lynn Thompson, Flowery Branch

Madison Shelbie Ledford, Gainesville

Mary Caitlin Pethel, Gainesville

Jessyca Candace Hart, Flowery Branch

Roxie Danielle Miller, Lula

Danielle Nicole Carver, Murrayville

Samantha Marie Lingle, Flowery Branch

Katherine Marie Peifer, Flowery Branch

William Zack Agerton, Gainesville

Talaina Dwan Miller, Lula

Michael Brent Bagwell, Gainesville

Elizabeth Martin Wallace, Flowery Branch

Jennifer Lee Thompson, Lula

Haley Brooke Dover, Gainesville

Katherine Leigh Williams, Gainesville

Jessica Michelle Denny, Gainesville

Souleymane Kabore, Gainesville

Crystal D. Bryant, Gainesville

Shaye Lindsey Roper, Gainesville

Lauren Kyle Brasher, Gainesville

Paran Rebekah Fisch, Gainesville

Stephanie Nicole Oliaro, Gainesville

Stormy Tess Hornsby, Lula

Zachary Ryan Husk, Gainesville

Kristen Amanda Howard, Murrayville

John Philip Hayes, Gainesville

Kayla Faye Cansler, Flowery Branch

Megan Lynn Arispe, Gainesville

Logan A. Smith, Flowery Branch

Leigh Anne Spruill Stephens, Gainesville

Stephen Daniel Pope, Gainesville

Tiffany LeAnn Marlow, Gainesville

Kayla Paige Wood, Gainesville

Stephen Robert Sutton, Gainesville

Tyson James Schmeltz, Oakwood

Christopher David Corn, Flowery Branch

Maggie Drew Robinson, Gainesville

Jonathan Matthew Allen, Gainesville

Charles Daniel Henderson, Gainesville

Benjamin Paul Braza, Gainesville

Michelle Christina Pope, Gainesville

Kelly Marie Leetch, Gainesville

Devin Fay Roberts, Gainesville

Abigail Teresa Grindle, Oakwood

Timothy Paul Bellows, Gainesville

Jamie Dyan Veatch, Murrayville

Jan Carlo Petingco Malimban, Gainesville

Lyndsey Anne Pethel, Flowery Branch

Allyson Mae Cole, Gainesville

Joseph Lee Knapke, Gainesville

Elisa Michelle Jones, Gainesville

Savanna Reed Wardlaw, Gainesville

Joseph Reese Winkler, Flowery Branch

Lillian Elizabeth Mallory, Gainesville

Jessica Lauren Baker, Flowery Branch

Lauren Danielle Parrish, Flowery Branch

Jonathan Chase Strickland, Gainesville

Rogelio Alberto Carpio, Gainesville

Caitlin A. Cosper, Gainesville


Jackson County

Lauren Ashleigh Turner, Pendergrass

Catherine Mae Starry, Hoschton

Mallory Ann Dell, Jefferson

Roger Devin Rambo, Hoschton

Rachel Marie Glenfield, Hoschton

Rachel Leigh Stoudenmire, Jefferson

Taylor Mackenzie Keinat, Braselton

Hilary Claire Ference, Hoschton

Kaitlin Marie Inman, Braselton

Jessica Deana Harper, Jefferson


Lumpkin County

Maria Alicia Flynn, Dahlonega

Shelley Lauren Pritchett, Dahlonega

Cheyenne R. Franklin, Dahlonega

Trygve Richard Myers, Dahlonega

Jordan Lee Quattlebaum, Dahlonega

Dustin J. Staub, Dahlonega

Richard Whitehead Green, Dahlonega

Christina Marie Goodwin, Dahlonega

Amanda Marie Satterfield, Dahlonega

Megan Caroline Atkins, Dahlonega

Brittany Leigh Chastain, Dahlonega

Mary Catherine Bricker, Dahlonega

Jeremy Donald Conner, Dahlonega

Susan Kay Pyles, Dahlonega

James Clynton Fitts, Dahlonega

Evelyn Marie Davis, Dahlonega

Delores Delvin, Dahlonega

Danielle Janine Yarborough, Dahlonega

Patrick Cassady Brehe, Dahlonega

Rebecca Garland Conner, Dahlonega

Jeremiah Daniel Chapman, Dahlonega

Alvin Ely Self, Dahlonega

Ryan Christopher Stafford, Dahlonega

Lee William Moore, Dahlonega

Haleigh J. Brown, Dahlonega

Kaitlin Sain Petersen, Dahlonega

Jessica Lee Hall, Dahlonega

Kelley Jo Spurlock, Dahlonega

Brianne Allene Braswell, Dahlonega

Christina Diane Adams, Dahlonega

Kevin James Barron, Dahlonega

Jennifer Lauren Vincent, Dahlonega

Kathryn Earlene Thompson, Dahlonega

Sarah Nicole Gilbert, Dahlonega

Jessica Katie Dombeck, Dahlonega

Leslie Michelle Hebert, Dahlonega


White County

Kelsey Marie Welch Thompson, Cleveland

Jessica Anne Thomas, Cleveland

Shelby Noelle Hobbs, Cleveland

Rachel Dawn Clay, Cleveland

Ashley Anne Litz, Cleveland

Jennifer Joan Whitaker, Cleveland

Isabella Pascual Matias, Cleveland

Giuliano Paulo Mion, Cleveland

Rebecca Anne Milhollin, Cleveland

Morgan Taylor Ledford, Cleveland

Charleston Asher Sosebee, Cleveland

Jana Leigh Coleman, Cleveland

Alexander Graham Young, Cleveland

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