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Founding pastor hands church over to new leadership
The Rev. Gerald Jordan and his wife Olene are handing their church, formerly Evangel Assembly of God, to a new pastor on Sunday.

After enjoying 50 years in the ministry, the Rev. Gerald Jordan decided in September to hand over the church he founded to a new pastor.

"One thing I do want to mention (as I retire) is my wife," Jordan said. "She has stood faithfully by my side all of these years."

LifePoint Assembly of God, formerly Evangel Assembly of God, will celebrate the final service for Jordan and his family on Sunday along with the first service in the church’s new sanctuary and with a new pastor.

"I’m going to miss him terribly," said Christy Meeks, one of Jordan’s three daughters. "He’s the only pastor that I have ever known. Even though I will miss him, I don’t have any doubts that our new pastor is going to do a fine job leading our church."

Along with the morning celebration, there will be an afternoon reception for Jordan and wife Olene.

"The whole day is dedicated to my dad," Meeks said. "My brother-in-law, the Rev. Randy Valimont from First Assembly of God in Griffin, will be preaching Sunday morning. There is going to be a reception for my father and mother Sunday afternoon from 4 to 7 p.m. — drop in."

Jordan’s daughters Linda Green of Oswego, N.Y., and Jelly Valimont of Griffin plan to be in attendance.

Evangel Assembly of God was founded by Jordan in Dec. 1983 at the 668 Dawsonville Highway location. Jordan will be replaced by the Rev. Richard Gallagher from Columbus.

"After I stepped down, they had over 100 resumes and the board felt like he was the right one," Jordan said. It was Gallagher’s decision to rename Evangel Assembly of God to LifePoint Assembly of God, according to Jordan.

Even though Jordan is stepping down from the pastor position, he does have many plans for retirement.

"I have an international Internet radio program and a short wave radio program into West Africa," he said. "I started on the Internet before I retired from pastoring, but the short wave was in Dec. 2007.

"It is going real good; I am amazed I get e-mails from all over the world — West Africa, South Africa, from Japan and I’ve gotten several from Great Britain ... and France."

The radio show is called "The Wounded Healer" and can be heard on Universal Christian Radio at noon on Saturdays.

"I make the programs here; I record them in my office at home," Jordan said.

Added Meeks, "I know that he’s going to have success and find fulfillment in all of that, but I will miss him always as my pastor."

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