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Gateway Domestic Violence Center passes original $2.5 million fundraising goal for new shelter
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With a Dec. 31, 2020, deadline to relocate, Gateway Domestic Violence Center recently surpassed its original fundraising goal for a new shelter.

Gateway had originally set a $2.5 million goal, but raised it in March to $3 million. Jessica Butler, Gateway’s executive director, announced Monday, Dec. 23, the center has raised $2,538,166.

Butler said she has “so much gratitude” for this community-wide effort on the new shelter, as people have donated their money and expertise.

“We’ve had volunteers consistently working on this project. They’re meeting monthly and continuing to talk to people, and we’re writing applications to foundations. We’re just kind of slowly and steadily making progress,” she said.

The current shelter was built more than 30 years ago and was intended to house 15 people. In recent years, the shelter has been consistently at or above capacity.

Last year, Gateway purchased the land for the property, which they wanted to be close to public transportation and job opportunities.

Butler said the center has developed building plans, and contractors are preparing bids. The executive director said they are still focusing on reaching that $3-million mark.

“We really want to complete this project without any debt. It would be a relief to achieve that early next year so that we know when we begin construction we’re not going to have to take on any debt,” she said.