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Concord Baptist reaches out to Spanish speakers with bilingual services in Habersham
05192018 CONCORD 1.jpg
The Rev. Randy Williams is the pastor of a new Concord Baptist Church bilingual campus at Concord’s Demorest location in Habersham County. - photo by Scott Rogers
Roger Tapia sat in the back row at Concord Baptist Church’s Habersham County campus. He was translating, word-for-word, in real-time, the sermon being preached by the Rev. Levi Skipper on a screen at the front of the room. The Rev. Randy Williams was sitting in the front row and overheard his friend translating the message to the family in the back. That was all the confirmation he needed to know the church was making the right decision in starting a new bilingual campus at Concord’s Demorest location.