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Carin Booth: Here’s a step-by-step spring cleaning checklist
Carin Booth
Carin Booth.

It’s the time of year that spring cleaning usually comes to mind. When the weather heats up and things start to bloom, we find people excited to open up their homes and shake the winter blues. It is a great time to get rid of the dust and dirt that has collected in your home over the winter months.

Follow these simple tips to get your spring cleaning journey started:  

  1. Plan for a thorough cleaning in every room of the house. Consider starting in bedrooms or bathrooms.

  2. Start by laundering sheets, towels, and linens and vacuum surfaces such as mattresses, pillows, and bed skirts.   

  3. Vacuum rugs, under furniture, around appliances and any other “hard to reach places” that you may avoid in surface cleanings throughout the year.

  4. Be sure to dust surfaces using a clean, soft microfiber cloth.

  5. Wash all floors and walls, especially in bathrooms and kitchens using an all-purpose floor cleaner. Using a damp mop instead of a broom will help. Try one the simple green cleaning recipes for an all-purpose cleaner:

  6. Don’t forget about closets and storage areas. Be sure to launder any winter items you plan to store to avoid attracting unwanted pests during storage.

  7. Visit your medicine cabinets and dispose of medicines out of date or no longer used safely. The FDA has directions for safe medicine disposal. You can also visit local drugstores for medical disposal kiosks in many locations.

Consider making your own cleaning products with simple recipes using many items you already have in your home. You can locate these recipes by visiting:

One important thing to remember is that you cannot tackle all of this at once. Pace yourself and involve family and children in tasks that are age appropriate.

Carin Booth is the family and consumer sciences agent at the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Office in Hall County. She can be reached at 770-535-8293 or Her column runs monthly.

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