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Births published week of May 9
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Adamson, a boy, Ethan Earl, April 26, Julie and David Adamson, Buford.

Bachelor, a girl, Reagan Kingslee, April 30, Heather and Chris Bachelor, Maysville.

Brock, a boy, Michael James II, Jan. 31, 2010, Melanie and Michael Brock, Gainesville.

Cobb, a girl, Keziayah Celes, April 27, Jauyonta Hall and Kenja Cobb, Gainesville.

Cloud, a girl, Payton Elizabeth, April 27, Lacy and Zachary Randolph Cloud, Flowery Branch.

Cole, a girl, Makenna Rose, April 30, Kelley and Gary Cole, Flowery Branch.

Cortese, a girl, Vallie Sophia, April 29, Anna Jones and Ben Cortese, Flowery Branch.

Daniel, a girl, Britney Renee, April 30, Victoria and Joseph Daniel, Lula.

Dunbar, a boy, Alexander William, April 28, Amber Urso and Justin Dunbar, Gainesville.

Eichelberger, a boy, James Samuel, April 25, Jasmine and Kristofer Eichelberger, Baldwin.

Emerson, a girl, Roxy Monique, April 28, Rosemary and Jonathan Emerson, Gainesville.

Fowler, a girl, Hannah Linda Fay, April 28, Tabitha Fay and William Fowler, Canon.

Grainger-Gutierrez, a boy, Marcus Daniel, April 27, Ashley Grainger and Edgar Allan Gutierrez, Dahlonega.

Harrod, a boy, Easton James, April 29, Mandi and James Harrod, Gainesville.

Henderson, a girl, Sydney Noelle, May 3, Julia Thrasher and Chancey Henderson, Gainesville.

Highfield, a boy, Dominic Gabriel, April 27, Jennifer Darby and Ben Highfield, Commerce.

Hornbuckle, a girl, Catherine Marie, April 27, Dana Wilkes and Jason Hornbuckle, Flowery Branch.

Howard, a girl, Alexander Elaina, April 27, Amanda Gonzales and Christopher Howard, Gainesville.

Keller, a girl, Amanda Pracilla, April 19, Bridgette Hughes-Keller and David Keller, Gainesville.

Keller, a girl, Miranda Cabrilla, April 19, Bridgette Hughes-Keller and David Keller, Gainesville.

Lornezo, a boy, Daniel Jimenez, April 27, Eulalia Lorenzo and Marcos Francisco, Gainesville.

Mata, a girl, Emma-Leigh Jade, April 23, Jessica Bond and Patrick Mata, Toccoa.

Mooney, a boy, Abel Jonathan, April 28, Teri and Kevin Mooney, Flowery Branch.

Ray, a boy, Hayden Steven, May 1, Sasha Davidson and Christopher Ray, Blairsville.

Ray, a boy, Colton Anthony, May 1, Sasha Davidson and Christopher Ray, Blairsville.

Rucker, a boy, Zaykeen Daramon Emean, April 26, Misty Thompson and Danny Rucker, Gillsville.

Satterfield, a boy, Hunter Lucas Rual, April 30, Darby and Lucas Satterfield, Gainesville.

Smith, a boy, Easton Ray, April 28, Leah and Justin Smith, Murrayville.

Smith, a boy, Lee Allen, April 29, Donna Conner and Sean Smith, Clermont.

Sullens, a boy, Trenten Stephen, April 28, Stephanie and Anthony Sullens, Dahlonega.

Vargas, a girl, Lauren Taylor, May 2, Laura Cruz and Renaud Vargas Jr., Jefferson.

Wingo, a boy, Clayton Jesse, April 28, Mary and Chris Wingo, Murrayville.

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