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Births published July 13
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Beason, a boy, Matthew Cameron, July 4, Julie and Robert Beason, Cleveland.

Becerra-Caceres, a girl, Aniela Sofia, July 4, Lady Caceres and Eduardo Becerra, Gainesville.

Cato, a boy, Ryder Ethan, July 5, Kelli McLaughlin and Michael Cato, Gainesville.

Combs, a girl, Emyrie Trenaye, July 7, Tinisha and Enrico Combs, Cornelia.

Cooper, a boy, Nathan Daniel, July 4, Tabitha and Justin Cooper, Dawsonville.

Cousar, a girl, Ameya Keyari, June 5, Whitney Few and Timothy Cousar, Gainesville.

Espinosa, a boy, Alexander, July 5, Margarita and Antonio Espinosa, Gainesville.

Forrest, a boy, Charles Kaelan, July 4, Ginger and Bob Forrest, Gainesville.

Gaines, a girl, Bethany Michele, July 2, Crystal and Mark Gaines, Clarkesville.

Gilstrap, a girl, Ella Elizabeth, July 6, Elizabeth and Scott Gilstrap, Toccoa.

Gooch, a girl, Brianna Rose, July 3, Sharon Clark and William Gooch, Bethlehem.

Graves, a girl, Sanaa Sy'mone, July 2, Chantel Daniels and Lou Graves, Gainesville.

Hubbard, a girl, Ruth Emerson, July 1, Zori and Corey Hubbard, Dawsonville.

Hughes, a boy, Harrison Reagan, July 7, Kezia and Darrin Hughes, Mount Airy.

Hulsey, a girl, Addison Grace Irene, July 5, Megan and Chris Hulsey, Gainesville.

Ivester, a girl, Katelyn Makenzie, June 14, Stephanie and Wayne Ivester, Cleveland.

Latham, a girl, Cyntheia Nicole, June 30, Jessica and Jeremy Latham, Cumming.

Linares, a girl, Abigail Bridget, July 3, Veronica C. Linares and Sidney Ortiz, Gainesville.

Lomax, a boy, Carsen Blake, June 25, Cassie Lomax and Daryl Jarvis, Dahlonega.

McClain, a girl, Isabeau Cope, July 3, AJ Cope-McClain and Bobby McClain, Gainesville.

Martin, a boy, E.J., June 25, Jennifer Martin, Cleveland.

Mendoza, a boy, Samuel Joshua, June 2, Sandra and Ernesto Mendoza, Jefferson.

Mullins, a boy, Chase Alexander, July 3, Brandy and Shane Mullins, Maysville.

Ray, a boy, Jaden Damian, July 2, Alma and Jeremy Ray, Gainesville.

Rocque, a boy, Marcus Paul, July 6, Jessica Thrasher and Jesse Rocque, Gainesville.

Rogers, a boy, Austin Julian, July 3, Katie Bailey and Cody Rogers, Cleveland.

Smith, a girl, Skylar Ann, July 6, Kala and Sean Smith, Mount Airy.

Swanson, a girl, Anna Isabella, July 3, Rachel and Ben Swanson, Gainesville.

Vandiver, a boy, Gabriel Alexander, July 4, Shanna and Ethan Vandiver, Lula.

Walden, a boy, Harley Keith, July 3, Sherry Cochran and Harley Walden, Gainesville.

Watson, a boy, Elijah Jerome, June 27, Chymese Watkins and Eric Watson, Gainesville.

Watson, a boy, Elliot Cole, July 4, Amanda and Todd Watson, Gainesville.

Willis, a boy, Fabian Zayyir, July 5, Lilia Cordova and Fabian Willis, Gainesville.

Zimmerman, a boy, Drew Lane, July 1, Vanessa and David Zimmerman, Cleveland.

Zuniga, a boy, Angel, July 4, Alexis and Francisco Zuniga, Gainesville.

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