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Births published July 12
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Alvarado Zavala, a girl, Guadalupe, June 21, Maria Zavala and Jose Alvarado, Cornelia.

Bagwell, a boy, Jeremiah Isaiah, July 4, Kelly Ann Bagwell, Dahlonega.

Blackburn, a boy, Aaron Michael, June 23, Chelsea and Sean Blackburn, Clarkesville.

Blankenship, a girl, Shelby Rose, July 2, Trista and Paul Blankenship, Clarkesville.

Brooks, a boy, Matthew Shawn, July 3, Jessica and Shawn Brooks, Dahlonega.

Burdette, a girl, Elisabeth Nicole, July 1, Gina and Randy Burdette, Gainesville.

Burdette, a girl, Victoria Simone, July 1, Gina and Randy Burdette, Gainesville.

Cawthon, a girl, Alexis Jade, June 30, Ashley Cawthon and Taylor Smith, Baldwin.

Cook, a boy, Isaac Hamilton, June 25, Jessica and Micheal Cook, McDonough.

Daniel, a boy, Jaylon Rashaud, July 6, Erica and Tavares Daniel, Flowery Branch.

Dalton, a boy, Nolan Thomas, July 2, Laura and Thomas Dalton, Baldwin.

Davis, a boy, Hudson Andrew, July 5, Gloria and Jonathan Davis, Gainesville.

Deaton, a girl, Brylie Isabel, July 2, Amanda and Jason Deaton, Gainesville.

Diller, a girl, Meah Lynn, June 10, Autumn and Steven Diller, Clarkesville.

Elias, a boy, Anthony Hugo, June 29, Prudencia Tomas and Hugo Elias, Clarkesville.

Esquivel-Miralrio, a boy, Brian, July 3, Cenorina Esquivel and Hector Miralrio, Flowery Branch.

Farmer, a boy, Brooks Michael, June 30, Wendy and Michael Farmer, Gainesville.

Flanagan, a girl, Layla Marie, July 1, Samantha Trull and Russell Flanagan, Gainesville.

Havlen, a girl, Lauren Justine, June 25, Dora and Will Havlen, Cleveland.

Holder, a girl, Abigail Dianne, June 28, Mercy Frempong and George Holder, Gainesville.

Howard, a boy, Kaiden Daniel, June 16, Danyel Trevarthen and William Howard Sr., Cleveland.

Hunter, a girl, Hailey Jeanine, July 2, Heather and Adam Hunter, Alto.

Jackson, a girl, Trinity Claire, July 1, Jennifer and Derick Jackson, Gillsville.

Long, a boy, Grayson Lane, July 2, Tiffany and Derek Long, Alto.

Lecorchick, a boy, Rylan Sawyer, June 9, Tia and William Lecorchick, Mount Airy.

Markuten, a girl, Bailee Rae, July 5, Devon and Jeffrey Markuten, Gainesville.

Martin, a girl, Cadilee Alyssa, July 1, Charlotte and Rusty Martin, Lula.

Martinez, a boy, Ethan Johann, July 1, Mariana Linares and Herbert Omar Martinez, Gainesville.

Mayes, a boy, Eli Dywayne, July 1, Gail and George Mayes, Lula.

Mayes, a boy, William Aidan, July 1, Gail and George Mayes, Lula.

McGill, a boy, Alexander Achilles, June 24, Tasha and Edwin McGill, Clayton.

Mize, a boy, Andrew Grant, July 2, Brandi and Andrew Mize, Commerce.

Navarrete, a girl, Alejandra, June 19, Aolela Hernandez and Jose Navarrete, Cornelia.

Pineda, a boy, Charlie Emmanuel, July 3, Lynn Yopp and Carlos Pineda, Gainesville.

Rector, a boy, Greyson Hayes, July 1, Kristi and Jeff Rector, Sautee.

Rowser, a boy, TeRico Nathan, July 1, Heather and TeRod Rowser, Lawrenceville.

Sayvihane, a girl, Jaelyne Ying, June 30, Cristy Sheridan and Bounchanh Sayvihane, Cornelia.

Shields, a boy, Liam Everest, July 2, Regina and Benjamin Shields, Sautee.

Shoaf, a girl, Marissa Lee, June 15, Robyn and Jason Shoaf, Gainesville.

Simmons, a boy, Dawson Bradley William, June 17, Sherry Thompson and Bradley Simmons, Clarkesville.

Slocum, a boy, Ashton Jeremiah, July 6, Erika and Jeremiah Slocum, Gainesville.

Snelson, a girl, Nancy Alice, June 30, Mary Beth and Trey Snelson, Buford.

Summer, a girl, Kenna Grace, June 30, Tabatha and Todd Summer, Murrayville.

Trotter, a girl, Kaylee Faye, July 1, Jessica and John Trotter, Gainesville.

Vonier, a boy, Jackson Cole, June 14, Jill and Marcus Vonier, Cornelia.

Westbrook, a boy, Benjamin Clark, July 4, Katherine "Mickie" and Michael Westbrook, Gillsville.

Worley, a girl, Madison Leann, June 30, Menissa and Dexter Worley Jr., Clarkesville.