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Bailey, a boy, Terromy Tremain, June 9, Dasha Williams and Terromy Bailey, Gainesville.

Brightwell, a boy, Logan Michael, June 8, Yovana Brightwell and Michael Brightwell, Flowery Branch.

Cabrera, a girl, Lexany Arianna, June 12, Evelyn M. Cabrera and David Cabrera, Cornelia.

Garcia, a girl, Natalia, May 14, Karla Garcia and Fernando Garcia, Gainesville.

Holland, a girl, Emma Juanita, June 10, Bonnie Dye Holland and Donald Holland II, Dawsonville.

Krisiak, a boy, Fletcher Moses, June 6, Angela Krisiak and Vincent Krisiak, Cleveland.

LaRose, a boy, Daniel Thomas, June 10, Sarah Thomas and Andrew LaRose, Clarkesville.

Moore, a boy, Preston Sean, June 9, Erica Gates and Sean Moore, Gainesville.

Ponce, a boy, Adrian, June 9, Paula Ponce, Gainesville.

Sanders, a girl, Anzley Nichole, June 9, Kayla Ast and Justin Sanders, Homer.

Schneider, a girl, Khloe Makenzie, June 11, Alicia Schneider and Kevin Schneider, Maysville.

Simpson, a boy, Canaan James, June 11, Cayley Ables and Johnathan Simpson, Talmo.

Smith, a boy, Grayson Michael, June 14, Nicole Russell and Greg Smith, Cornelia.

Zuniga, a girl, Alexa Xylia, June 8, Candelaria Ramirez and Manuel Zuniga, Gainesville.

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