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Birth announcements published Nov. 14
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Cochran, a boy, Brayden Carter, Nov. 7, Kayla McClure and Daniel Cochran, Flowery Branch.

Contreras-Moreno, a boy, Ryan Eliseo, Sept. 4, Yadira Janet Moreno and Felip Contreras, Gainesville.

Deanda, a boy, Yasser George, Nov. 2, Maria Almaraz and Margarito Deanda, Mexico.

Epperson, a boy, Sawyer Dewayne, Nov. 5, Katie and Dewayne Epperson, Dahlonega.

Fuentes, a girl, LeyLany, Nov. 7, Susana Anguiano and Raciel Fuentes, Gainesville.

Funk, a boy, Chance David, Nov. 6, Chantley Cantrell and David Funk, Mt. Airy.

Gaddy, a girl, Kaitlyn Ann, nov. 8, Cindy and Scott Gaddy, Cleveland.

Henson, a boy, Connor Luke, Nov. 3, Amanda Hope and Joshua Henson, Dahlonega.

Kytle, a girl, Berkeley Elise, Nov. 2, April Archer and Adam Kytle, Gainesville.

Lee, a boy, Mason Aaron, Nov. 8, Christy and Jeremy Lee, Buford.

Olliff, a boy, Gabriel Lehman, Nov. 2, Amber and George Olliff, Demorest.

Petty, a boy, Bradyn Espn, Nov. 8, Emily Connell and Bobby Petty, Murrayville.

Proctor, a boy, Evan Zackary, Nov. 6, Rebecca and Shawn Proctor, Maysville.

Smith, a girl, Rylie Jo, Nov. 5, Taylor Raines and Colton Smith, Flowery Branch.

Sturm, a boy, Konner James, Nov. 3, Heather and Kurtis Sturm, Gainesville.

Thompson, a boy, Gage Bradley, Nov. 5, Melissa and Brad Thompson, Dahlonega.

Williams, a girl, Bella Dorie, Oct. 28, Sandi and Stan Williams, Cape Girandeau, Mo.

Williamson, a boy, Tyler Lee, Nov. 8, Julie Cook and Ronnie Williamson, Gainesville.

Worley, a girl, Jenna Rayann, Nov. 10, Jennifer and Todd Worley, Gainesville.