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The ancient history of the earth under Elachee
08232019 ROCKS 1.jpg
Elachee Nature Science Center natural resource manager Lee Irminger visits a rock outcropping Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019, along the Dodd Loop trail. Recently University of North Georgia students and faculty members are conducting a study that includes examining the different rock outcrops around Elachee with the goal of discovering how the rocks were formed and hopefully learn something new about Georgia’s unique geology. - photo by Scott Rogers
If rocks around Elachee Nature Science Center could talk, millions of years of history would be revealed.Turns out, the earth underneath Elachee would talk about a time when trilobites scuttled around the oceans and fern plants were just starting to emerge around the globe. Pterodactyl wouldn’t soar through the skies for another 50 million years. Mr.