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Kelsey drinks beer: Rocket Popsicle Sour
08112019 BEER 001.jpg
Untitled Art's Rocket Popsicle Sour - photo by Austin Steele

There is a beer that can turn your tongue startlingly blue and transport you to your childhood.

For me, Untitled Art’s Rocket Popsicle Sour took me back to a time when Ring Pops adorned my fingers and Popsicle slush dripped down my arms.

I had to make an exception to my rule of profiling Georgia-brewed beer with this Waunakee, Wisconsin brew. How could I resist that alluring blue hue?

This beer is a sweet and sour dream, tasting exactly how it looks. 

Just like all of the other food products with blue flavors — like Powerade, Sour Patch Kids and those frozen pops you have to push through the clear plastic — this beer tastes like blue. I suppose I could attach “raspberry” to the flavor description, but I think that doesn’t fully encompass its profile. 

I’d label this Rocket Popsicle Sour as pure fun. Just when I thought this easy-drinking brew was sweet and one-dimensional, my taste buds would get pleasantly pummeled with a punch of sour. 

I’d describe it as sucking on one of those blue-red swirled Ring Pops. I enjoyed every moment of it, and was slightly disappointed to look down to see the treat had been slurped up. 

I found the beer at Downtown Drafts on the square in Gainesville. Unfortunately, the business is fresh out of the beer and doesn’t anticipate restocking it anytime soon. If you come across this elusive blue beer, please let me know. 

It would be a disservice to the beer, if I didn’t talk about the brewery’s art-embracing nature. 

With each can design, Untitled Art collaborates with an artist. Russell Balliet created the art found on the Rocket Popsicle Sour, taking blue, black, grey, white and yellow geometric shapes and mottling them across the can’s surface. 

All of the brewery’s beer is untitled, they only reveal the style of the beer. 

In the spirit of Untitled Art, I haven’t attempted to find Rocket Posicle Sour’s backstory. Instead, I invite you to try this brew, if you can find it, and “let the beer speak for itself.”