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Amazon 'Treasure Truck' coming to Atlanta
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Amazon employee Sean-Luke Brija gives a gift bag to Tru Leggett during Amazon's #DeliveringSmiles kick-off event on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017, in Seattle. On Dec. 7 Amazon's Treasure Truck will be #DeliveringSmiles to non-profit organizations in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle, with more than 20 additional stops by festively decorated Amazon vehicles throughout the month. (Stephen Brashear/Amazon via AP Images)

On its way to world domination, Amazon is stopping by Atlanta to sell some stuff on the cheap.

The retail web giant is bringing its Treasure Truck, a traveling retail space offering neat, local or weird goods on sale, to 25 cities in the United States, Atlanta included.

What are they selling? Who knows!

Where will the truck be in the city (other than at a dead stop in the far left lane along with everyone else)? Who knows!

How long will the truck be in Atlanta? All together now: Who knows!

But we do know a few things. The idea here is that Amazon travels to a city selling a particular item on a given day. The trucks travel major cities offering local foods, fresh products, new technology, outdoor goods, holiday treats and kitchen equipment. Other trucks in other cities have sold everything from fresh oysters to mobile phones.

The folks on the Atlanta truck are Keyon, Jay and JoJo. That’s right, the trucks are driven by living, breathing people and not robots — for now. These are the folks who “hand pick one must-have thing” for the day and text you about it.

If you sign up for text alerts using your ZIP code, you’ll find out where the truck will be and what it’s hawking at a deep discount in Atlanta. You can also follow the truck on Instagram.

So if you’re spending the day or weekend down in the city, try signing up for alerts and see what comes up.

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